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Bubbly Clouds

I’ve decided to see how far my ‘shots from the passenger seat’ obsession will take me this month. Before I explain today’s pic, however, let’s take a moment to grieve together over the ones that got away. I was not quick enough, for example, to get a photo of the billboard showing a 6 pack of Miller beer which read, ‘Show the recession who is boss.’ (I can’t help but wonder if the the ad team come up with that one after sampling large quantities of the product.)

I tried to get a photo of the furniture store marquis offering a ‘big man chair: 400 pounds,’ but it always came out blurry. One that simply caught me off guard was a billboard for a funeral home. This was pretty basic except for a banner tacked onto the bottom which read, ‘Now offering free wi-fi!’ (Does anyone really need to read Miss Manners to comprehend the tackiness of tweeting from an open casket service?) And lastly, I truly regret not taking a picture of the banner hanging at the Dallas Hilton, which read, “Texas Bidness.’ Bidness? (What is that all about? Should I have received a Texan dialect guide along with my voter’s registration?)

As for today’s photo, it was – in keeping with my unintentional NaBloPoMo theme – taken from the passenger seat. The photo doesn’t do the sky justice, but at least it gives you an idea. I don’t know when I’ve ever seen such bubbly looking clouds before.

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  1. I love this one:)

    Thank you, Nancy. Thanks for stopping by! :) ~Tui

  2. Great sky shot! Those clouds look like they mean bidness!

    Haha! You have a point. Thanks for stopping by, my dear! :)

  3. I love the subtext of some of your sentences!

    Just some of them, eh? I shall endeavor to work harder! ;p

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