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X is for Xanthic Sky & Rainbow

Phronistery is Phun for Word Nerds While hunting for words that start with the letter X, I came across a nifty site: Phronistery. It’s a website dedicated to unusual words. It’s well-organized and gives concise definitions. Fun! I’ve bookmarked it ‘cuz I’m a word nerd and I bet a bunch of you all are, too. :D Xanthic Means… …yellow! The word “xanthic” means “yellow,” so today’s post features a trio of pictures I snapped after a dramatic hail storm we had last month. I live in Tornado Alley, so I do more than just marvel at the sight of a…

Frosty the Cowboy

A few days ago, 12 inches of snow fell here in north Texas. Dormant spores in our next door neighbor’s soil hatched a fleeting snow cowboy, a rare phenomenon, indeed. The chilly fellow was eager to party, however, and invited us all to a barbecue. His tiki torches, alas, failed to properly light. Looking down the street, it was sheets of snow and pick-up trucks for as far as the eye could see. Except, of course, in our driveway, where our little hybrid huddled beneath a heap of snow. Brr!

Found Sound

My boyfriend fell asleep tonight while I read an article out loud from Science News to him. It’s an interesting article about the songs of Humpback whales. Some groovy science chick spent 4 years recording whale ditties. She isolated various riffs and played back her own whale remixes to see how the buoyant cetacean dudes would react. Turns out that they jam with other males, altering their songs when others join in. Maybe next year she’ll take them to a karaoke bar. I quit reading aloud once I realized Tex had fallen asleep. (Tex is not my boyfriend’s real name,…

Bubbly Clouds

I’ve decided to see how far my ‘shots from the passenger seat’ obsession will take me this month. Before I explain today’s pic, however, let’s take a moment to grieve together over the ones that got away. I was not quick enough, for example, to get a photo of the billboard showing a 6 pack of Miller beer which read, ‘Show the recession who is boss.’ (I can’t help but wonder if the the ad team come up with that one after sampling large quantities of the product.) I tried to get a photo of the furniture store marquis offering…