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… learn the meaning of cemetery symbols?
… hear about different burial practices of the world?
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If so, you will love Cemetery News, a twice-monthly newsletter that covers all those topics and more!

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Sound good? If the above sounds interesting to you, sign up for Cemetery News, my twice-monthly newsletter that delves into all these topics, and much more.

My wish for you: With Cemetery News, I hope to deepen your appreciation for historic cemeteries, connect with like-minded folks, share research, and inspire you to explore burial grounds near you.

I “get” you:

Let’s face it: Not everyone GETS why exploring historic cemeteries can be so rewarding. Do some of your friends and family think you’re a weirdo?

I can relate. Haha! You can always hit “reply” to my newsletters to start a conversation with me.

The Cemetery News newsletter is an easy way to learn and connect with like-minded souls. Let’s have fun together!

Thank you gift: Free Book

Thank you gift: When you sign up for Cemetery News, you can download a free book. This thank you gift is a guide I created to explain the symbolism of hands on tombstones. (That’s the book cover you see above.)

Did you know that hands can symbolize many different things, including:

secret societies,
and even sudden death?

Starting point: The symbolism of hands is a great place to start when learning about historic cemetery symbols. (In fact, that’s how I got my husband interested in the topic!)

Who is Tui Snider?

Who am I? I’m Tui Snider, an author and speaker who is passionate about exploring cemeteries, writing books, leading tours, and giving presentations with an eye for quirky details and a touch of humor. 

Featured by: My work has been featured by a variety of outlets including Coast to Coast AM, ABC, NBC, LifeHack, The Telegraph, and many more. (Here are a couple of my TV appearances. This one is for WFAA – ABC, and this one is for NBC-DFW Texas Today.)

World Traveler: I travel the world exploring historic cemeteries, then share what I learn through blog posts, lectures, photos, and tours. To see where I am now, visit: Tui Snider’s Travel Blog.

Author: I’ve written a dozen bestselling books, including Understanding Cemetery Symbols, 6 Feet Under Texas, and DFW Scavenger. To learn more about my books, visit this page: Tui Snider Books.

Speaking & Interviews: Do you need a dynamic speaker for your next event or a lively guest to interview for your show?  Visit this page: Tui Snider Speaking & Interviews

Want to hire me, contact me – or simply stay in touch?

EMAIL ME: My best email is Tui [at] tuisnider dot com. (But the quickest way to reach me is to reply to my newsletter, so click here to sign up for Cemetery News.)

FOR MEDIA OUTLETS: To book me for an interview, email me at: tui [at]

THANKS AGAIN: Thanks again for visiting my website! I hope you find it helpful and fun. :)