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Binge this: Spooky Places in Paranormal Texas!

Paranormal Texas
Paranormal Texas by Tui Snider, is a popular travel guide to haunted places in North Texas.

[Full disclosure: this post contains affiliate links. This means I get a few pennies if you purchase something on Amazon after following the link. Thanks!]

Binge this: Haunted Hot Spots in North Texas  

The following is a bingeable mega-list of paranormal hot spots: It features a few of the haunted places I researched and investigated while writing Paranormal Texas, my popular travel guide to spooky hot spots here in North Texas.

This is just a small amount of what the book includes, so if you enjoy this content, please consider buying Paranormal Texas:

13 Haunted Cemeteries in Texas – video
Ghosts of Historic Deep Creek Cemetery – blogvideo
Elmwood Cemetery’s Giggling Child Ghosts – blog
Glowing Tombstone at Veal Station in Springtown – blog
Arlington’s Lost Cemetery of Infants – blogvideo
Fort Worth’s Saints and Sinners Tour – blog video
North Texas Serial Killer’s Grave – blogvideo
Tragic Truth of Smiley’s Grave in Garland – blogvideo

3 Commonly Misunderstood Cemetery Symbols that are NOT Satanic – blog
Think you found a Witch’s Tomb? Probably not! – blog

Historic Haunted Hotels in Texas – blog1blog2
My Doppelgänger at Olde Park Hotel – blogvideo
Stephen Spielberg’s Haunted Hotel Adventure in Texas – blog

5 Weird Paranormal Trends in North Texas – video
Granbury’s Delightfully Haunted Doll Museum – blogvideo
Moxley Manor – A haunted attraction? – blogblog

More in Paranormal Texas

Did you enjoy this list of spooky stuff? All those links are just a small amount of what’s included in my book, Paranormal Texas. So if you enjoyed these items, please consider buying Paranormal Texas today!

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