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Tui Snider – Fall 2022 Events

Fall 2022 Presentations & Events – Will I see you?

Fall is always a busy time here in North Texas and this year is no exception. I’ve been invited to give several talks and participate in several in-person events.  I’d love to see you at any and all of these events. I’ll add more details and links, but here’s a quick rundown, so you can plan ahead: 

Oct 11: Cemetery Symbols talk in Austin 

The City of Austin has invited me back. Last year, they filmed me talking about military headstones. This time, they will film me talking about cemetery symbols – my favorite! After filming on October 11th, I give a talk.

The talk is FREE to the public, but you must RSVP. Here’s the link to reserve your spot: Tui Snider – Author Talk in Austin If you plan to attend, hit reply and let me know! 

Oct 20: DFW Scavenger talk in Watauga 

I give a talk about my newest book, DFW Scavenger at Watauga Public Library from 6:30 to 7:30pm. (More info to come!) 

Oct 26: Paranormal Texas talk in Fort Worth

I’ll be sharing my personal spooky experiences in this talk about Paranormal Texas at the Fort Worth Public Library. (More info to come!) 

Oct 28: True Crime Panel in Denton 

I speak about how I researched and wrote about the baddest Santa ever: The Santa Claus Bank Robber at the Denton Public Library. (More info to come!) 

Oct 29 & 30: Saints & Sinners in Fort Worth

Come say hi to me during this wonderful annual event. I’ll have a book table set up, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll lead a cemetery symbols tour or two that weekend.  (More info to come!) 

Nov 5: History, Haunts & Legends in Jefferson 

I’m one of several speakers at this paranormal conference. And if all goes to plan, I’ll be leading a cemetery symbols tour here, as well. Stay tuned!(More info to come!) 

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  1. geb brown geb brown

    Unfortunately no but I do love your articles I do love your writing and I would like to ask if I could borrow you’re saying of I used to watch write fiction but then I moved to and I’d like to use highknoll that’s why I live now it is high Knoll Arizona and it is unbelievably bizarre the people of his are the areas bizarre it’s perfect you love it all right thanks so much for your newsletters and your clever writing

    • Sure, Geb! I’m flattered that you want to adapt my saying for your area. And you’ve made me very curious about High Knoll. Can you share any links or info about it? Thanks again! Tui

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