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Harvest Moon


The title of this post reveals what I playfully attempted to capture in tonight’s photo. Yup, that orange sphere is all I could snatch of the spectacular harvest moon we’ve had this week. In keeping with my, “snapped from the passenger seat” theme, I grabbed this shot as we hurtled down the highway, smugly getting 70 mpg in our Honda hybrid whilst being passed by one gas-guzzling Texan pick-up truck after another.

Tui Snider
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  1. I love this photo! It kind of reminds me of that Space Odyssey computer…HAL.

    Hal visits TEXAS.
    Ooh, Hal in Texas! Hmmm… Let’s riff on that concept: I’m sorry, y’all. I can’t be fixing to open that pod bay door just now, bless your heart.

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