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Off on a Romantic Adventure

Cruising (photo by Tui Cameron)
Cruising (photo by Tui Cameron)

Ahoy matey! It’s me, Tui, at the helm and I’m off doing what we travel bloggers love best:


Don’t worry, though. I have not completely abandoned ship. You are in good hands with guest posts from the delightful Laree’ Griffith and the dynamic Cherrye Moore in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

Also, the Saturday Show & Tell blog carnival (a round up of interesting travel-related blog posts) shall continue. The talented Paula Puffer hosts the the May 28th, 2011 edition, so that ought to be good!

Where have I run off to? My brand new hubby (so new that it still feels odd calling him husband!) and I are on a fabulous five week long honeymoon, the first leg of which is a two-week transatlantic cruise.

Romantic, eh? We will also spend time in Barcelona, London, Rome, Naples, Sicily, Venice and even New York City.

I am not sure how often I will have internet access, but I will do my best to answer any blog comments as often as I can. (I feel sheepish visiting McDonald’s while traveling, but they have free Wi-Fi and surprisingly good espresso – in Europe, anyway.)

If I have your snail mail address, keep an eye out for a postcard from me. Otherwise, see you in June when I shall return with a heap of new photos and traveler’s tales to share with you.


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  1. Xiao Xiao

    On a ship with your loved one. How romantic! Pretty photo, too.

    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic

      Hi Xiao,

      Yes – it was very romantic. :) Crossing the ocean in a cruise ship is a lot of fun.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    It is a romantic trip on ship with your love one. I like to celebrates this Valentine Day on star cruise with my love one. I am so exited to think that the Valentine Day on ship with the sea around us. nnromantic ideas

    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic

      Thanks for commenting. I loved both of the cruises we took. I’m looking forward to the next one… whenever it may be! (Soon, I hope!) ~Tui

  3. Sheila Sheila

    Have a great trip, Tui! I seriously need to get back into my blog writing. I’ve been trying to get my house back together after my son, his girl and the baby moved out. They had been inhabiting my room. I am basically turning my house upside down and inside out and putting things back where they really go and getting rid of things, etc. I want things to be organized and staged so that if there are still projects to do they are achievable in a short amount of time with not so much disruption to the rest of the house. Is that possible? I need to have time for a social life now. People have figured out I am on a regular day schedule with weekends off! haha. Your trip sounds wonderful. I hear about cruises to the Caribbean and Alaska, but didn’t realize they have cruises that stop in Europe. I will be taking an Alaskan cruise later this year. I will also be checking into those transatlantic ones. It might be something my friend and I could do together.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Hi Sheila,nnSounds like you have got a lot on your plate! After all that hard work getting your house together, you will need a good vacation.nnI would love to take an Alaskan cruise sometime. The transatlantic ones from Texas to Spain are insanely cheap. Right now, you can cruise to Europe for 1/5 of what you would pay for airfare! You and your friends could have a blast.nnThanks for swinging by! Say – if you want a postcard, send me a message on Facebook.nnSee ya in June!nTui

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