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Just like unexpected snow


Happy 2010, everyone! Since I didn’t quite make it through NaBloPoMo in November, I’ve decided to hop into it for this month. So here I am, posting today even though I’m pretty tired from last night’s revelry.

As you can see from the photo above, even the gargoyles caught a chill last week when it surprised us by snowing, not once, but twice. Despite the white sky and the smell of impending snow in the air, I didn’t quite believe that we would get any flakes that would stick.

Tex brought home some bags of wood pellets for us to burn in our wood stove. I call the stuff “fire chow” ‘cuz it looks like the typical Purina-style critter feed.

Although I miss friends and family, I still had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s surrounded by lovely folks, people I didn’t even know this time last year.

Looking back, I find this even more surprising than snow in north Texas.

Tui Snider
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  1. Happy new year from sunny south Texas!

    Hehe, don’t rub it in, Prof J! It’s chilly up here! ~Tui

  2. Love the snow hat he’s wearing. He looks cold! lol.

    It’s funny, Sheila. When it’s 100+ degrees out, I never think he looks cold! ~Tui

  3. Brrr. Happy New Year! Brrr.
    Miss you!

    Did you get my goofy New Year’s voicemail? Happy New Year’s back atcha! I miss you, too!!! :) ~Tui

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