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Homie Alone – Up in Yo’ Grill

Bling teeth. Photo by Tui Cameron.
Bling teeth. Photo by Tui Cameron.

Is it just me, or does the little guy on this gumball machine look like Macaulay Culkin? It’s like a movie poster for,”Homie Alone – Up In Yo’ Grill,” or something. Although now, our little boy has grown up. He’s an agoraphobic white boy who never leaves the house and lives out rapper fantasies in his parents’ basement.

I never actually saw any of the Home Alone flicks, although I once landed in O’Hare while they were filming a sequel. I remember seeing a bunch of extras at the airport dressed as travelers, all of whom looked way too perky and neatly pressed to have just gotten off a plane.

As for the Bling teeth, I saw this dispenser at our local Chinese buffet. It’s replacing a dispenser of fake sideburns. I can just imagine future archeologists studiously attempting to figure out why we adorned our children this way.

All bling aside, my boyfriend’s feeling fine now, although we found out that a friend who dined with us at the same place yesterday also became ill.  Hmm…

Food poisoning is a tricky thing to pin down, and I don’t want to point fingers in haste, but that is an uncomfortable coincidence. I should add, too, that on our way in, there was someone outside of the eatery who was barfing like crazy! That’s how much we love the place, though. We walked the gauntlet of a vomit-splattered sidewalk to eat there. Kinda makes me laugh now…

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  1. Ashleylowry93 Ashleylowry93

    my friends boyfriend wants real grills yo.

    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic

      Bling Teeth are gonna be my go-to Christmas gift this year! ;p ~Tui

  2. Hmm, so maybe that’s where all the fake teeth go when Halloween is over? The juxtaposition of those teeth, that kid’s face and the fact that this dispenser is at a Chinese buffet is so great! I must have all 22 :)

    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic

      Who knows? Collecting all 22 bling teeth could prove to be a worthy investment!

      For the record: the Chinese buffet is not the place that seemingly gave some of us food poisoning. I just realized my bog post might make it seem that way.

      Thanks for stopping by, Mike. :)

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