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Why Read Paranormal Texas?

Why read Paranormal Texas?

Sure, there are other books about real haunted places in Texas – I should know, my bookshelves are crowded with them! So, what makes Paranormal Texas different?

Overlooked Haunted Places
First off, Paranormal Texas includes a bunch of haunted places in Texas that are not in most other books. As with my first book, Unexpected Texas, I went out of my way (often, literally!) to find quirky, offbeat and overlooked sites.

For instance, I haven’t seen Moxley Manor (a haunted attraction that may truly be haunted) mentioned in any other books about real haunted places in Texas.

Of course, I didn’t turn my back on the most well-known paranormal hot spots and famous ghost stories of north Texas, either. So don’t worry; those spooky places also well-represented in Paranormal Texas.

Haunted Places You Can Actually Visit
Secondly, since Paranormal Texas is a travel guide, I want folks planning road trips near Dallas and Fort Worth to use the book to add haunted places to their itinerary if desired.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always disappointed to read about, say, a haunted BBQ joint only to find out that the place no longer exists. Simply knowing that a haunted site is open to the public makes a story more interesting to me, even if I never get to visit in person.

Sheer Entertainment
That said, Paranormal Texas has plenty to offer armchair travelers! For instance, readers will learn the truth behind Crystal Canyon’s buried treasure, as well as the surprisingly upbeat history of Arlington’s lost cemetery of infants.

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