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Why Read Paranormal Texas?

Why read Paranormal Texas? Sure, there are other books about real haunted places in Texas – I should know, my bookshelves are crowded with them! So, what makes Paranormal Texas different? Overlooked Haunted Places First off, Paranormal Texas includes a bunch of haunted places in Texas that are not in most other books. As with my first book, Unexpected Texas, I went out of my way (often, literally!) to find quirky, offbeat and overlooked sites. For instance, I haven’t seen Moxley Manor (a haunted attraction that may truly be haunted) mentioned in any other books about real haunted places in…

Bedford, Texas: Is Moxley Manor Haunted?

The following is an adapted excerpt from Paranormal Texas, my best-selling travel guide to haunted places and paranormal hot spots near Dallas and Fort Worth. Check it out if you enjoy learning historic haunted lore, or are looking for unusual road trip ideas in north Texas. This Texas Thrill House May Actually Be Haunted! While businesses often downplay or deny on-site paranormal activity, Moxley Manor has every reason to flaunt its strange occurrences. Why? Because it is a commercial haunted house attraction. Texans celebrate Halloween with gusto, and the last I counted, there were at least 24 commercial haunted house…

Review: Behind the Screams at Moxley Manor Haunted House

Moxley Manor’s rooms, corridors and cubbyholes are spread across 6,000 square feet. And, believe me, it feels even bigger as you wander through that labyrinthian interior in semi-darkness, trying desperately to find your way out. Despite our prior tour in full daylight, when the time came to experience Moxley Manor Haunted House at full throttle, it was quite different, and by “different” I mean “scary!”