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Predictions: Which came true for 2011, and what’s in store for 2012?

Will Mt. Vesuvius erupt in 2012? (photo by Tui Snider)
Will Mt. Vesuvius erupt in 2012? (photo by Tui Snider)

My Prediction Tradition

As I’ve mentioned here before, when my step-daughter was little our New Year’s traditions included writing down predictions for the coming year. The fun part was digging up that list the following year and seeing which things came true and which did not. I revived that prediction tradition a couple years ago through posts such as What Are Your Predictions for the New Year? and Last year’s Predictions for 2010 .

So, here we go again, folks! What are your predictions for the year 2012? You can be silly, serious, political or trivial. I don’t care! All I ask is that you take a moment to make a wild (or educated) guess about what you can envision happening during our next trip around the sun and tell us in the comments section below. I’ll keep your predictions safe and sound, then bring them out again next year to see who was right on and who was way off base.

Speaking of…

Last Year’s Predictions for 2011

Last year, three brave folks left their predictions for 2011. What do you think? Was anyone right, or did they all strike out?

Hans Lienesch from The Ramen Rater deserves some serious applause for taking the plunge and making a hefty list of predictions for 2011:

    All WikiLeaks documents will be released
    Betty White dies
    Prominent Atheists become targets of radical religious right
    Something major happens involving the Koreas
    A knitted product gains lots of popularity
    And the topper: Billy Idol dies in car crash involving a monument.

Debby from dtah photography added a couple predictions of her own:

    I like the Betty white one and am seconding that one
    I’m also adding: 3D-TV fails…BIG TIME

Adena Atkins from An Art Full Life left a hopeful prediction:

    Hmm, I’m not exactly known for knowing what’s going on, or for being able to predict how long something will take to happen. So I’ll simply predict that humanities creativity will save us from some of our more urgent predicaments (like, you know, dealing with climate change) and this will happen very very soon. It has to, right?

Leave Your 2012 Predictions in the Comments Section

OK, gentle reader, now it’s your turn! Go ahead, be playful, be zany, let your imagination run wild. What do you think is going to happen in the year 2012?

Do you believe we’re due for a Mayan Apocalypse, The Rapture, or just more of the same-old-same-old?

Who do you think will be the GOP candidate?

I promise to play along, too, and will post my predictions later…

My 2012 Predictions

OK, it’s later! Here are my predictions for the year 2012:

    Kim Jong Il will get bored with the afterlife (not enough adulation) so in order to gain attention, he will make prank phone calls on Stephen Spielberg, Brittany Spears and South Korea from beyond the grave – thereby proving that there is life after death (which Kim Jong Il will then claim to have invented.)

    Fidel Castro will die while filming a geriatric fitness DVD.

    Jon Bon Jovi will become an opera singer, then star in an updated version of Don Giovanni (appropriately renamed Jon Bon Jovi) with a libretto penned by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Julie Taymor will step in to create the first 3D opera set.

    Elton John will be caught in an affair – with a woman! His subsequent cover version of Katy Perry’s, “I kissed a girl & I liked it,” will top the charts, leading some to believe it was all a big publicity stunt (until Gloria Allred steps in.)

    Speaking of Gloria Allred, in 2012 Ms. Allred will decide to cut out the middle man (so to speak) and have an affair with a famous married man, then sue his pants off when it all goes public.

    Former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi will endorse a scandalous Wii fitness game called Bunga Bunga Party.

    Stephen Hawking will win the Nobel prize for mathematically proving that the world actually ended in 2011, but everyone was too busy watching reality TV to notice.

Happy New Year!

Whatever happens in 2012, I’m looking forward to another fabulous year both online and off. Thanks to all of you for stopping by my blog and playing along. Happy New Year! :)

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  1. Better late than never. As I said I ended up writing my prediction on my website.

    I think that this year (at least I hope) companies will begin to start conversations with consumers over social media instead of facilitating them.

    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic

      Hi Susan,

      Hey – thanks for adding your prediction to the mix! I think companies would be very smart to start conversations in social media. Glad that my silly game helped inspire yet another one of your interesting posts.


  2. […] s); })(); Okay, long overdue but Mental Mosiac asked me to contribute to her tradition of making predictions in the New Year. Admittedly I am always hesitant on these things. Why? I think there is little value in trying to […]

  3. Wow… I haven’t really thought about predictions for this year because I have been too busy living in the moment. If I must make a prediction it is this…

    People of all faiths, backgrounds, heritage, will finally see that we are all the same. They will find the strength within themselves to stand strong for all people. They will open their arms to their neighbors, friends, family, stangers, for every living being on the planet. They will come together to heal the world and in so doing heal themselves.

    Yes I have been told that I wear rose colored glasses but those are my hopes and predictions.

    Much love to you Tui!


    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic

      Hi Morgan,

      Beautiful hopes/predictions for 2012! I’ll do my best to make it happen in my life. :)

      Much love back at you! :)

  4. Ginny Ginny

    I predict there will be a scarcity (and price increase) of organic products especially milk as more people will become aware of the danger of drinking regular milk (with antibiotics, hormones and pesticide products).
    There will be more climate change signs.
    Senator Rubio will lose more supporters as people become aware of things that are currently uncovered.
    Towards the end of the year many supermarket shelves will be empty due to a general stampede to buy food and water to be prepared for whatever people think will occur.
    There will be flooding in many parts of the U.S. especially near the Mississippi River.

    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic

      Thanks for adding your predictions, Ginny! Hope to see you here again. :) ~Tui

  5. Tui, this is hilarious! You have given me an idea too with this.

    Your predictions are too funny! Looking forward to a few of them actually happening! LOL


    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic

      Hi Kesha,

      I try to make serious predictions, but my inner smartass always takes over! Thanks for stopping by.


  6. Ok Here goes. I predict:

    -Google + will go away
    -Angelina Joilee an Brad Pitt will make news for adopting an American baby
    -Chasing Joy will have a post, video, tweet, or Facebook Status that will go viral
    -I will lose 20+ lbs
    -I will find love <3

    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic

      Hey Chasing Joy,

      Thanks for playing along! :) I like that you included some personal predictions, too. I’m rooting for you!


  7. I love reading everyone’s predictions! I’ll throw a few into the hat here.
    -Snooki will school Michele Bachman and Sarah Palin on world geography; after that, Snooki will join the Tea Party, and become their presidential candidate in 2016.
    -Lady Gaga will accept a Cabinet position with the re-elected Obama administration.
    -Rollerball will become a reality show.
    -Book of the year will be “Aliens V* Zombies V Vampires”
    -Aliens Occupy Earth.

    *V = Versus

  8. mentalmosaic mentalmosaic

    Thanks so much, everyone! Keep those predictions coming!

    Here are a few that were posted to my Facebook wall. I’m going to paste them here so we’ll be able to find them easily this time next year. There are some really interesting predictions:

    Jazno Francouer predicts:

    Assad will be overthrown this year, period
    North Korea and South Korea will continue to warm up to one another
    Green Bay wins another Super Bowl.
    Obama wins by a wide margin

    Sierry Nyokka predicts:

    Ash Duffy predicts:
    Hey, Tui – My HAPPY GIRL! I can’t really say this is a prediction but giving this last year and adding my evaluation from the previous four years this is what 2012 most probably be like: The economy will continue to plummet with the world’s governments doing very little to solve it; people will continue to be driven apart by stress’ families will be broken with little hope of rebuilding; the only light of this obviously hard year will be in the very few people who are strong enough to “live” and move forward in hope, faith & love despite whatever happens! Those few people will cry out with a mighty voice “do not give up! find another way, there’s always another way! love love love!” They will be the light through this dark time, they will shine and MOTIVATE (not inspire)! People will find motivation in these few people and they will march onward into 2013. 2013 will be a mark of change! A change the world will not be ready for but will be forced to accept it! Peace? A solid economy? Happier families? The calm before the storm of Armageddon? I know there will be positive changes in 2013 but it will come through even harder times in 2012. But there will be a group of people who will be a force to be reckoned with – They will wage a War of Love and it will motivate the rest of the world. And not return without results.

    Angelo Petrelli predicts:
    There you go: Assad, after being overthrown, is going to be slaughtered by the insurgents… I agree, Obama is going to win… you know, there are no serious GOP candidates… Russia is going to evict the UK, and of course, Britain is going to go to the 7th seed, Italy is going to remain beautiful, but Pompeii is going to have another collapse, and even the Coliseum is going to lose some pieces, Miami is going to win the NBA title…

    Great stuff, eh? :)

  9. -Ron Paul will win the Iowa caucuses.
    -The economy will get much better in 2012
    -Obama will be re-elected in a close race and Republicans will challenge the legitimacy of the win.
    -Europe will decide to stop using the Euro.
    -Justin Bieber will get pregnant.
    -Tim Tebow won’t start for the Broncos next season, but Denver will win Jan. 1 and make the playoffs for the first time since 2005. Kyle Orton’s head will explode.

    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic


      You’ve added some meaty predictions to the mix!

      Wouldn’t that be something if the Euro went the way of the dinosaurs?

      Thanks for playing along & Happy New Year!!!

  10. I predict we will no longer be consumed with celebrity gossip as a nation and reality TV will go by the wayside producing more quality sitcoms like those of the 80s.

    On a more positive note, I predict people will start to focus on true happiness which does not hold a monetary value and as a result of this new mindset, the economy will begin to improve. Why? Because just like with anything else, when you don’t fixate on it, things start to happen. In other words, stop making money our primary focus and you will start to make money… focus on living abundantly.

    Happy New Year!

    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic


      I hope your predictions come true. They are certainly worth striving for!


  11. Amedeo Vecchione Amedeo Vecchione

    I realize that in the coming year I’m going to fall on my ass or hip or stub my toe. And I’ll except these bumps in the road as another one of life’s little trials. And by next year I’ll look back on this post (probably unless I’m not busy falling down) with all the scars to back it :)

    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic

      Ahoy Amedeo!

      Have a nice trip and I’ll see ya next fall, as the saying goes… ;p

      Thanks for sharing your predictions. I hope – for your sake – that you are wrong, and that your sense of balance is better than ever in 2012!


  12. So looks like I was kind of right – the Korean thing… The atheists (the whole thing with the buses kinda)… What to predict for this year though… Hmmm..

    The second big scandal having to do with a Superbowl halftime show will occur

    Obama will win the 2012 Presidential election handily.

    The Ramen Rater will have it’s television debut appearance, hopefully on some form of magazine show

    McDonald’s will continue to make products that entice us and taste very good although are very unhealthy. People will continue to complain while eating it.

    Kim Jong Un will turn out to be a refreshing change

    A disaster of natural origin shall befall the United States – but NOT on the east coast.

    Bob Dole AND Betty White die within two weeks of each other.

    There you go! Looks like the year will be good for me and the North Koreans. Jeez, talk about bleak… Sorry Bob and Betty…

    – The Ramen Rater

  13. Lizbeth Vecchione Lizbeth Vecchione

    I predict that in the year 2012 there will be alot of talk about the end of the world and the workd will not end When the world doesn’t end, I can smugly look back on my prediction and say I told you so. If the world does in fact end, no one will be around to see my faulty prediction. I’m feeling good about this one.

    La La, Tinkie Winkie, Bitsie and Po will form a rap group.

    Shielah will continue to dominate Otis upon being released from the kennel in the morning.

    That’s all my crystal ball has got right now.

    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic

      Hiya Lizbeth,

      Thanks for adding your fabulous predictions to the mix!


  14. Hmmm I was going to add Katy Perry and Russell Brand divorcing but that seems to have happened

    As much as I love Bob Barker I think he’s going to be on my celebrity death list along with Deborah Kerr and one of the de Havolin Sisters.

    I think Perry will withdraw from the Presidential Race by the end of the first quarter. He’ll come back to Texas and start his next Governor bid.

    I think there’s going to be some big backlash from the Deepwater Horizon Spill that pops back up on the radar this year.

    One of the major European Powers will fail this year.

    Growth in Gardening will continue.

    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic

      Hey Paula,

      Maybe Katy Perry will start dating Rick Perry… ;p

      Thanks for playing along! It will be fun to see what happens in 2012.


  15. I predict schools will continue to devolve as they lose more funding due to costs for jails, warehousing criminals who didn’t do well in school. (What is wrong here?)

    I predict even fewer women will run for office in the US. :-(

    I predict pregnancy for one of the Olsen Twins.

    I predict Kenye West will have a nervous breakdown and lose his voice forever. (We can hope, right?)

    Speaking of Kenye, I predict Taylor Swift will elope with a non-celebrity and take a break in recording because naturally, she gets pregnant during the honeymoon and starts a new line of maternity clothes which become a big hit with teen moms.

    I predict the economy will rise, stunning the Right wing.

    I predict Donald Trump will find something new with his hair.

    And I think that is quite enough for my predictions.

    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic


      Wow! You got things off to a rollicking start! I’m still mulling my list over. The Olsen twins prediction could be turned into a reality TV show…

      Thanks for putting your 2 cents in! It will be fun to see how the year turns out.


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