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Last year’s Predictions for 2010

When my step-daughter was growing up, our New Year’s Eve tradition was to make predictions for the upcoming year. I’d write them in my diary, then bring them out the next year to see how accurate we were.

People’s predictions can be quite revealing. Some folks make only negative predictions. Everything out of their mouth is dire and gloomy, while others go for humorous stuff, or limit themselves to one subject such as the weather or politics. There’s often a bit of wish fulfillment involved, too.

This year, I decided to poll the people at our small gathering to see what they thought 2010 has in store for us. Behold the results:

Iran will have a civil war. – LL

More bad stuff in Israel and Palestine – JS

Chevy Volt will be a big success – Tex

After ending her talk show, Oprah will colonize a planet. – Me

It will be called ‘Planet O.’ – AH

Sarah Palin will have her own talk show. – Tex

I had hoped everyone would start making predictions for one another, but we got distracted when one of the guys found some fireworks in the kitchen. What is it about “boys” and explosives?

I have, at least, recorded the few predictions that we did make. From here on out, only time will tell …

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  1. […] As I’ve mentioned here before, when my step-daughter was little our New Year’s traditions included writing down predictions for the coming year. The fun part was digging up that list the following year and seeing which things came true and which did not. I revived that prediction tradition a couple years ago through posts such as What Are Your Predictions for the New Year? and Last year’s Predictions for 2010 . […]

  2. Tex was close. Palin will be on Fox starting very soon. I do believe that she is getting her own segment.

    Kudos to Tex. I guess it wasn’t as far-fetched as it sounded when we were tipsy! ;p Thanks for stopping by my blog, Samantha! ~Tui

  3. I love that crazy weird Santa that’s hanging around in that tree. Is that old or just glitchy new?
    I think Sarah Palin is getting a show. I thought I heard something about it on my radio the other day. Not sure, though.

    Palin’s getting a show, eh? Chalk one up for Tex, then…

    As for the tree, I saw this Santa in the Bahamas. Maybe he’s been nipping the rum a bit. He is surely way over dressed for the heat there…

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