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Traveler’s Show & Tell: Dracula, Hogwarts & Cozumel

Parker County peaches from Weatherford, TX (photo by Tui Snider)
Parker County peaches from Weatherford, TX (photo by Tui Snider)

Welcome to the July 30th, 2012 edition of Traveler’s Show and Tell.

This edition of the Traveler’s Show and Tell blog carnival is another big one, featuring travel-related posts and photo essays from a whopping 24 travel bloggers. I hope you enjoy this vicarious trip around the world.

This Week’s Travelers


Violeta Matei presents Searching for Dracula: Bucharest to Bran and Return posted at Violeta Matei, saying,

“If you come to Romania to search for Dracula, you might find awesome mountain landscapes, old fortresses, ostrich farms and reasons to visit again.”

Tui Snider presents Historic Petrified Wood Gas Station & Cafe in Decatur, Texas posted at Mental Mosaic: Even Home is a Travel Destination, saying,

“If you are ever in the Decatur, Texas area – which is about an hour’s drive from Dallas, Texas – I highly recommend checking out the historic Texas Tourist Camp with it’s buildings covered in petrified wood and grabbing a bite to eat at the Whistle Stop Cafe.”

Emma Shoshanna presents Unless, you travel alone posted at The Girl with the Traveling Blue Shoes, saying,

“Written a few months ago, but an attempt at caputuring the thoughts and feelings I experienced while traveling for a week alone, while in Italy. Hope all is well! As always, love the blog! – Emma “

Byteful Travel presents A Final Manifestation: Wandering Chicago & Journals from an Epic 175 Day Adventure posted at Byteful Travel, saying,

“Today is an especially auspicious day. After so many dozens of entries, covering hidden gems, landmarks, and lessons learned, we’ve finally come to the end of the West Coast Adventure series. (Though never fear. An Grand East Coast Adventure is coming up.) But before I finally set foot in Wisconsin again, I took a final photo set during a brief exploration of Chicago with a new friend. And, in honor of this being the final article in the series, I’m going to do something I don’t normally do. I’m going to share with you some private entries from my personal log.”

Greg Field presents River Street in Savannah, GA posted at NerdWallet, saying,

“A Photo Journey through River Street in Savannah, GA. Great pictures of a great place. Enjoy!”

Toni Graybill presents A Fun Travel Cat: Alpaca and Andean Potatoes in Peru posted at A Fun Travel Cat, saying,

“Exotic food in exotic places.”

Kerry Dexter presents Meeting the past in Northern Ireland posted at Perceptive Travel Blog, saying,

“For the most part, day to day life in Northern Ireland is peaceful these days. That not so distant time when things were not at peace touches day to day life still, though, sometimes in unexpected ways.”

Ken Lange presents 3 Folksy Stories from a Small Fishing Village posted at Kenneth Lange, saying,

“Three small stories about life in a small fishing village. I think they show that all places, regardless of size, are worth visiting:) “

Jennifer Miner presents Berlin Bike Tour – Private Guided Bicycle Tour in East Berlin posted at The Vacation Gals – Family travel, girlfriend getaways, romantic getaways, destinations, things to do, travel tips saying,

“Berlin, and East Berlin especially, is very crowded during peak travel seasons. Taxis and rental cars are pricey, inefficient ways to get around the city, and tour buses are impersonal. A guided bike tour is recommended to truly experience East Berlin and get to know it well.”

sheehanigans presents something like Ice Age posted at al3x sheehan, saying,

“I finally made it to the “World Famous in New Zealand” Punakaiki Rocks, also known as the Pancake Rocks. What is amazing about these geological formations is that scientists still don’t know how they achieved their unique shape. To my surprise, the rocks didn’t resemble a flat breakfast favorite of mine, but rather stacks upon stacks of them.”

Mac Hildebrand presents The 10 Safest Cities in the United States posted at Insurance Providers, saying,

“We all want to live in a safe neighborhood; it’s a basic human need. But which neighborhoods are the safest? In which are you the least likely to file a claim with your home or auto insurance company? We put together a list of America’s safest neighborhoods, and here’s what we found.”

Jacques Bouchard presents Pet Travel Tips: Planes, Trains, & Automobiles posted at Onward Healthcare Blog, saying,

“Are you bringing your pet on a trip in a car, plane, train, bus, or ferry? This article gives you everything you need to know to make them as comfortable and safe as possible.”

Shannon O’Donnell presents A Little Food: A Vegetarian Photo Guide to Burma (Myanmar) posted at a little adrift: a rtw travelogue, saying,

“The delicious foods and dishes and little known details about Burmese food!”

Andi presents Southwest Road Trip 2012 Day 2: Zion National Park (Part 1) posted at Misadventures with Andi, saying, “Road trip reports”

Jeremy Biberdorf presents How Airline Credit Cards Cost You More posted at Modest Money, saying,

“If you are going to be using a credit card to make purchases, it’s a no-brainer that you’ll want to earn some kind of reward in return. For many people, the obvious choice is an airline miles credit card. Unfortunately that credit card choice may actually be costing them more money to use.”

Zhu presents Brooklyn Bridge and NYC Skyline posted at Correr Es Mi Destino, saying,

“If New York City’s sky­line doesn’t impress you in the heart of Man­hat­tan, it will from Brook­lyn Bridge! Indeed, that’s where I real­ized how tall the sky­scrap­ers actu­ally are, some­thing you don’t always notice when you are walk­ing at their feet.”

Neelakantha presents Dairy Writing and its Necessity posted at Business News This Week, saying,

“We would hardly imagine an organization without tracking tools and reports that show them a mirror as to what they are, and acts as guiding factor, for the tasks to accomplish.”

Travel Nursing Blog presents Pet Travel Tips: No Dogs Allowed? posted at Onward Healthcare Blog, saying,

“Did you know that some hotels welcome pets with dog treats, a bandana, temporary tags, pet walking services, and more? Onward Healthcare shares tips on finding great, pet-friendly hotels, and ideas on how to keep your pet feeling safe and happy while they’re there.”

Travel Insurance Reviews presents What You Need for Traveling To Canada posted at Travel Insurance Reviews, saying,

“You might forget that traveling to Canada is just as international as traveling to Europe or elsewhere outside the US. There’s a few specific things about Canada that you should know and take care of before you leave, and this article gives a nice overview of these aspects including trip insurance.”

Cary Murdoch presents Life Abroad: July 2012 posted at Life Abroad, saying:

“Despite the trauma that turning TWENTY FIVE brought with it, I had a remarkably good day. I woke up to the smell of fresh coffee and chocolate croissants, the captain knows me too well. I cycled to the train station and got the train to Nice where I met a friend for coffee and then went SHOPPING.”

Flashpacker presents The Payas of Mandalay: Monks and Monasteries posted at flashpackatforty, saying,

“Myanmar Burma is an exciting travel destination. On arrival in Burma, as part of our around the world journey, we were a little underwhelmed. Our visit to Mandalay changed and we began to enjoy our trip as we appreciated the gems on offer.”

Afam presents Hogwarts and Unicorns: The trip to Lagos posted at The Ramblings of a Mad Man, saying,

“As you may or may not know, I’ve made the whole or partial move back to Nigeria. Sigh. The implications of this weigh heavily upon my soul, for I know I have consigned myself to a challenging society indeed. You need not worry about me, for I Afam, am not only a lad, but a trooper. I will overcome.”

Laura Burnett presents Cozumel posted at Living the Clever Life, saying,

“Because really, the Caribbean is the Caribbean. And in life, I think you can look at situations as either a Jamaica or a Cozumel: that which was supposed to happen, or that which did happen. Either way, is there really a reason to complain?”

PAUL and LARA present Kiev – The Co-host of 2012 European Soccer Championship or Where is my heart? posted at PAUL&LARA’s Creative Space & Entertainment Blog!, saying,

“I’m very subjective, when talking about Kiev. It is my second (or in my heart may be even first ) home. As a half Ukrainian, I traveled really often back in the days and I’ve spent the summer time in Kiev. My best memories are for joyful, carefree vacations with lots of games and my grandparents made this all possible, God bless them!”

Angella Grey presents Packing For Italy posted at Faraway Vacation Blog, saying,

“As a traveler in Italy, you might start to feel a bit inadequate in the fashion department. Italians are known for their sense of style, seemingly always donning the perfect outfit for a night out on the town or just down to the supermarket. When the weather heats up and the humidity rises, packing can pose even more of a challenge for visitors looking to fit into the scene. If you are planning a holiday in the country this summer, keep in mind these dos and don’ts when you pack your Italy bound bag.”

That’s it for this Traveler’s Show & Tell blog carnival.

As always, if you enjoyed it, let us know in the comments section. Also, please let the author know you liked their piece by leaving a comment at their blog. See you next time! :)

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  1. Such a wonderful selection of posts! Thank you for including my piece!

  2. Oh this is so awesome! Thanks so much for featuring me here. I love all of the other blogs as well! Definitely some great content and I look forward to future carnivals!

  3. Thanks so much for including my article, Hogwats and Unicorns: The trip to Lagos.

  4. thank you for including my article on Northern Ireland —

    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic

      Hi Kerry,

      Thank you for joining in with this month’s blog carnival. Hope to see you here again. :)


  5. Thank you for organizing this wonderful carnival, Tui! It looks like a great selection of posts:) Look forward to start reading them and do a bit of armchair travelling! Ken.

    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic

      Hi Ken,

      Thank you for joining in with this month’s blog carnival. I was overwhelmed by how many submissions there have been the past two months. I always enjoy your contributions! :)


  6. Thanks so much, some great reads this month on new blogs I haven’t seen before!

    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic

      Hi Shann,

      Thank you for joining in! Always nice to see a new face here. :)

      Hope you join in again soon.


  7. Wow! Now that’s a full-sized blog carnival! :) Great job, Tui! And thanks again for including my submission.

    And tomorrow the Byteful Travel blog carnival goes live, with an important heads-up about… oh, and there might even be a Tui post in there, too. ^_^

    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic

      Hi Andrew,

      What a shock about the Blog Carnival site! I wonder what is going to happen…

      Our travel blog carnivals are like windshield wipers – they nearly coincided this time around!

      Even if the Blog Carnival site goes away, I think we should both find a way to continue our carnivals. Hmmm… A linky list?


  8. Flashpackers Flashpackers

    Hey, thanks for including our around the world travel blog. Our recent trip to Myanmar Burma was magical. Some excellent travel reads above. Thanks from two flashpackers.

    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic


      Your travels through Myanmar/Burma fascinate me. Keep up the good blogging. I hope you will contribute to my blog carnival again sometime – soon.

      Happy traveling!

  9. Thank you for including my post Tui. And thank you for the e-mail notification too. Much appreciated.

    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic


      Thank you for joining this month’s Traveler’s Show & Tell blog carnival. Hope you contribute another again. :)


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