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Row80 check-in: Blog Hopping vs. Smoking Breaks

Steampunk still life (photo by Tui Snider)
Steampunk still life (photo by Tui Snider)

What is ROW80?

ROW80 is an online writer support group. It’s kinda like AA, except that we’re here to enable each other’s addition! For a serious explanantion, check out: the official ROW80 website.

My ROW80 Round 3 Goals:

Post a ROW80 Check-in each Wednesday: Yup, I did!

Two blog posts per week: Yes, I managed this, too.

Keep up with Candace Havens Fast Draft group: I let my first draft sit for a week. Now, it’s time to hop back in for Revision Hell. Stay posted…

Continue hosting #StoryDam chat from 7-8pm CST on Twitter each Thursday evening.  This is a fun, weekly chat for writers. If you are on Twitter and you write, please join us. It’s a fun, friendly group and it always leaves me smiling and inspired. If you’re not sure how to participate in a Twitter chat, check out my post, Top Tips for Chatting on Twitter.

Blog hopping breaks: Healthier than Smoking Breaks One of my #Row80 goals is to comment on at least 10 other ROW80 blogs each Monday & promote posts that I find helpful. I’m happy to report that I managed to comment on at least 10 blogs this past week – if not more. I kinda lost track! I sneakily do it at work throughout the day. I don’t smoke, so instead of taking a cigarette break like so many of my co-workers, I take blog-hopping breaks. Much healthier, wouldn’t you agree?

Comment on commenters: I hate to admit it, but I am still behind on this!

Explore Texas: My husband and I had our first official two days off for the first time since February. Ironically, rather than getting tons of things done, we utterly crashed and barely left the house! I think we needed some relaxation time. So, no Texas explorations this week for us!

Engage in Pleasure Reading Every Day: I recently splurged on a bunch of books, and am dipping into them each evening. It feels so good!

Keep a Handwritten Diary: Yup – I am still writing by hand in my diary every evening. It’s sloppy and my hand gets sore quicker than it used to, but it feels good to be checking in with myself each day again like I used to.

ROW80 Linky:

That’s how my writing goals are going. How are yours coming along? Here are links to all the other Row80 participants. Check them out:

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