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Travel Packing Challenges: Camouflage is illegal? Red clothes provoke attacks?

Round-the-World Cruise Packing Challenges

Packing for my upcoming Round-the-World Cruise has brought some unique challenges. Not only will we be visiting hot and cold climates, but there are other considerations. For one thing, trekking through 22 different countries means we will be trekking through 22 different cultures.

Hamming it up at a fruit market in Costa Rica.

Offensive clothing varies

The challenge is to dress comfortably without offending the locals. Every culture defines “offensive clothing” differently, so I’m doing careful research. In some places, this means that even if it’s 100 degrees out, I’d better make sure my arms, décolletage, and knees are covered – especially before entering places of worship.

Camouflage can get you arrested

I don’t actually have any camouflage items in my wardrobe, but I know plenty of people who do. If that’s you, be careful when traveling. Although camouflage clothes are considered patriotic here in the USA, in many other countries it’s not only frowned upon but actually illegal. Wearing camouflage in Saudi Arabia, Jamaica and Barbados (among several other countries) could get you arrested!

Red clothing can get you attacked

It’s one thing to pay a fine because of your clothing, but what if your outfit provoked a wild animal attack? When visiting Indonesia’s Komodo Island, visitors are warned not to wear any red clothing or accessories. Why? Because Komodo dragons may mistake this for blood. Additionally, some tour groups forbid menstruating women from visiting because these huge lizards can smell blood from nearly 6 miles away!

Sharon Stone’s komodo encounter

Actress, Sharon Stone, learned how vicious and unpredictable komodo dragons can be when she arranged for her husband to have a private session in a Komodo dragon pen. Read about it here: Infamous Komodo Dragon Attacks

Not packing my red sun hat

One of my favorite sun hats is bright red, but after reading that article, you can bet I’ll be packing my blue sun hat instead. And I’ll certainly keep my eyes peeled as we stroll through the forests of Komodo Island!

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