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Blog Hop Your Way through these 99 Cent Book Deals!

New Year? New Reads! 99 cent books:

Whoo hoo! The party is on, y’all! Several authors, including me, have put their books on sale for 99 cents from January 1st – 3rd, 2019 so you can celebrate the new year with some new reads!

So, if Santa tucked a gift card in your stocking, take a moment to check out the books I’m offering, then hop your way through the links at the bottom of this post to see what other authors have for you! (I’ve already put my books up for 99 cents.)

Psst! If you’re on Twitter, help spread the word using the hashtag #NewBooks4Me.

2 of my books are 99 cents through January 3rd:

Please note: The 99 cent sale officially starts January 1st, BUT I I’ve put my books up now because of time zones and all that… Grab ’em while you can! :) Then hop through the list for the the other author’s books!

1. A Strange-but-True slice of True Crime History:


Click here for The Lynching of the Santa Claus Bank Robber – Around noon on December 23, 1927 Santa Claus visited the town of Cisco, Texas – but he did not come bearing candy or gifts. No, this particular Santa was there to rob a bank. After a shootout riddling the bank with no less than 200 bullet holes, a car chase, and the abduction of two little girls, this bad Santa became the focus of one of the largest manhunts in Texas state history…
But the story does not end there. Tui Snider’s extensive research includes quotes from eyewitnesses, photos, and a myriad of quirky facts to round out this strange-but-true crime story. Along the way, the author discovered some intriguing loose ends, clues pointing to a mysterious blonde woman causing her to wonder: Did the notorious Santa and his crew have a female helper, and did she get away with murder?


2. Twitter for Writers

Click here for Twitter for Writers – Are you a writer who’s sick of hearing, “You need a Twitter account”? Or maybe you’re an author who has tried Twitter but quit because it felt like a confusing waste of time. If so, Tui Snider’s “Twitter for Writers” is for you.
Since 2014, Tui Snider has been teaching classes to writers on how to get the most out of Twitter. She uses simple techniques to make connections and grow your platform while having fun along the way. Her book is a fast-paced but detailed guide that walks you through the ins and outs of Twitter, with tips and tricks geared specifically for writers rather than casual Twitter users.
  • What should writers tweet?
  • What do readers truly want from authors on Twitter?
  • How many accounts should you have?
  • What’s the best hashtag strategy?
  • Who should you follow/unfollow?
  • What tools should you use?
Tui’s book answers all these questions and more, with an emphasis on how to promote your writing and connect with readers without being salesy. Snider’s book will even help you develop your own personal Twitter routine, with an emphasis on staying focused on your writing projects and not wasting your time.

Use #StoryDam and #NewBooks4Me on Twitter & IG

Don’t keep these book deals to yourself. Help us spread the word about New Year New Reads! And when you share it on social media, please use the #StoryDam hashtag, as well as #NewYearNewReads.

Visit the links below for MORE 99 cent eBooks:

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    • Hey Andrew! Hope your travels are going well, too, and that this blog hop gave your books a boost! :)

    • Yay! Glad it worked. Sometimes the things that seem easy end up being quite “taxing”! (Couldn’t resist the pun.) Thanks for joining along. I’ll go buy your book. :)

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