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Finally! Bag Express Lets You Travel Hands Free

Luggage is a drag!

Traveling is fun, but walking with suitcases is a drag! Luggage is especially challenging in historic European cities with narrow cobblestone alleys (such as the one you see below.) Who wants to drag a roller bag through THAT?

Sometimes you don’t have a choice.

(It’s fun exploring medieval cities, but not while dragging bags around! Photo (c) Tui Snider)

My husband, Larry, and I have been traveling round-the-world since January. We tried to pack light, but we had everything from glaciers to tropical beaches to consider. That’s why our luggage includes thermal underwear, jackets, and scarves, as well as swimsuits, shorts, and sunscreen.

And, of course, all the souvenirs we’ve picked up along the way.

(Venice is beautiful, but it’s no fun carrying luggage through its tiny streets. Photo (c) Tui Snider)

Baggage Happens…

At the end of this month our cruise ship lands in Venice. Venice is one of my favorite cities in the world, but I dread our arrival. Why? Because it means maneuvering our ever-expanding luggage over bumpy cobblestones and bridges, winding our way through cramped pedestrian streets until we find our hotel.

Adding to my worries, the wheels on our main roller bag have broken. I can’t imagine how we will make it to our hotel, especially since Venice is a pedestrian city. There are NO cars, only water taxis. Even with a water taxi, there’s still quite a walk we will have to make.

What should I do?!?

(Marseille is a walkable city, too, but I wouldn’t want my bags with me! Photo (c) Tui Snider.)

Bag Express to the Rescue!

I’ve found an answer! *fingers crossed* I heard from someone on our cruise ship about a company called Bag Express that delivers your bags from your home to your hotel and back again. [Full disclosure: In exchange for writing this post and reviewing their service, Bag Express is letting me try them for free.]

Imagine boarding a plane with only a carry-on, then finding your bags waiting for you at your hotel room! No need to worry about paying for checked luggage. For those who ski or have other bulky equipment, this could really be handy.

Please note that Bag Express is only available for European travel. But if you’re planning a big trek from America with several stops in Europe, it could still make things much easier for you.

In our case, I’m sending a couple bags from our cruise ship in Venice to England. We’re visiting family in London for a couple of weeks so it’s the perfect solution. Sending bags ahead of time will let us explore the labyrinthine streets of Venice foot loose and fancy-free from the moment we arrive.

What a relief!

(Gondolier maneuvering through the narrow waterways of Venice. Photo (c) Tui Snider)

Stay tuned…

Sounds good, huh? I will let you know how it works out. In the meantime, if you’d like postcards and freebies from me, or you’d simply like to have a more “behind the scenes” glimpse into our round-the-world trip, I invite you to check out my Cruise Diary on Patreon. The public posts are free, but for $1 a month, you can unlock all the private posts, which will be ongoing, even after our return.

I’ve got so much to share with you from this trip! It’s been great research for the 2nd edition of my Understanding Cemetery Symbols book. I’m learning so much. Plus, along the way, I’ve seen penguins, komodo dragons, and koalas. I’ve even cuddled with kangaroos and tigers! (Once again, check out this link if you want to know more.)

(Petting tigers in Thailand was a major highlight for me! Photo (c) Larry Snider)

Would you like postcards & other goodies?

My round-the-world trip started January 1, 2019. While you won’t fit in my luggage:

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  1. Tui: I will be in Ft. Worth on June 6. and then we leave for NM/AZ on June 7. I will return back to FW on June 15. I could maybe see you on June 16 (Sunday), if you are back by then.

    • Ah, ok! I don’t know our exact return date yet – depends on some family stuff – but it helps to know your itinerary. Hope we can meet up! :)

    • Gotta love serendipity! Have fun in London. :)

  2. Roger Roger

    I think bag Express is a great idea! I hope I can use them.

    • Doesn’t it sound like a great service? I am excited to give them a try! Thanks for dropping by my site. :)

  3. Wow Tui!!! You have worn me out just reading about all the amazing travel you have had on this cruise. I have loved following your adventures since January and it’s hard to believe you’ll still be gone a while longer! As for us land dwellers, we are doing fine! I guess I’ll miss seeing you in Texas this June. Continued safe travels!

    • Hey, hey, Sumoflam! Keep me posted on your Texas plans; I’d love to meet up if we’re back. :)

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