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Secret Santas for Writers on Twitter!

What is a Secret Santa?

Have you ever heard of a Secret Santa gift exchange? For me, it’s a family tradition. Each year after Thanksgiving dinner, my family members write our names on a slip of paper and toss it into a hat. Each of us then takes one slip of paper out of the hat and silently reads the name written there. We then become a Secret Santa for the person whose name we have drawn. You’re not supposed to tell anyone who you are a Secret Santa for until Christmas day. That’s when we have the big reveal!

What does a Secret Santa do?

When I was growing up, a Secret Santa would do all sorts of little surprises for you from Thanksgiving right up through Christmas Day. You might discover your favorite candy tucked in your shoe, for example, or come home to find that some dreaded chore had already been done for you.

Likewise, being a Secret Santa is a lot of fun because it means coming up with creative ways to surprise and delight your targeted person. It’s kinda like the opposite of playing pranks. Instead of being mean, you are sneakily being nice to them! If you have a mischievous streak as I do, being a Secret Santa is quite satisfying.

Secret Santa – for writers on Twitter!

Yesterday I suddenly thought that being Secret Santas for other writers on Twitter could be really fun. What could we do for each other? Well, we’re writers, right? I’m sure we can turn our creativity towards this and come up with some fun ways to treat each other.

What would a Secret Santa for Writers on Twitter do?

For starters, a Secret Santa could retweet the chosen person’s tweets more often. If a chosen person is published, their Secret Santa could leave reviews for them on Amazon and Goodreads. If they blog, you could drop by and leave a comment, then tweet about their blog posts on Twitter. It just goes on from there!

Basically, to be a Secret Santa for another writer on Twitter you’d just go the extra mile for your chosen person through the holiday season and then have a big reveal around Christmas. (I’m actually thinking of having the big reveal on Dec 27th during #StoryDam chat!) 

Who can participate in this Secret Santa game?

This Secret Santa game is open to writers who have public Twitter accounts. If you don’t have a Twitter account, or your Twitter account is set to private, then it’s not going to work out for this.

How to Sign up to be a Secret Santa

Sound fun? Want to sign up? Great! If you want to be included in this Secret Santa for Writers game it’s easy to sign up:

    1. Simply leave a comment on this blog post on or before midnight Eastern Time on Tuesday, November 20, 2018. UPDATE: Use the following link to sign up to our Secret Santa group by Monday, November 26, 2018: Secret Santa for Writers on Twitter Sign Up Link  The Secret Santa site will automatically choose a writer for you the next day.
    2. LEAVE A COMMENT HERE WITH YOUR Twitter handle!!!
    3. Please add what genre you write: Specifically, if you write erotica or anything “spicy” like that, let me know. (Certain Santas will only participate if they don’t get an erotica writer. There’s a provision in that will let me do this!)

Watch your email!

The site will pair us all up on Saturday.(That way, I can participate, too.)Please keep an eye on your email inbox because the website will want you to sign up for an account with them. Don’t worry, it’s free!

Sound good?

How’s that sound? Are you up for it? Any questions or suggestions for things we can do for each other on Twitter?

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    • Great! But can you also please let us know what genre you write and whether or not it contains any erotica? (I ask because a couple Secret Santas can only promote G-rated authors on their feeds for one reason or another.) Thanks!

    • Yay! I’ve added you to the list of Secret Santas! :)

  1. I’d love to join in.

    Twitter: @KathrynCLang
    email: kathrynlang@kathrynlang
    Genre: mystery/suspense (G-rated)

    • Hooray, Kathryn! Thanks for joining in the fun. :)

  2. I wanna try. I write fantasy, action, adventure and romance.

    • Hooray! I can hardly wait to get this going!!! :)

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