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The Long Way Home


I failed to mention that Tex and I would be taking the long way home from London. In fact, we took a 14 day cruise across the Atlantic Ocean! I took a gazillion photos, including this one. The ocean seems to impress people in one of two ways, a person either finds it monotonous, or – like me – endlessly fascinating and dynamic. I loved watching flying fish soar over the swells, while the sea and sky made more costume changes than you might see at a Lady Gaga show.

By night, the stars were stunning and crisp. We saw several meteors, including a fiery orange one with a sparkly tail. Surprisingly, the roughest seas we encountered were between the Bahamas and Galveston; the mid-atlantic was like the photo above: silky smooth, with creamy white clouds that I wanted to eat with a spoon. I just might have, too, except the cruise staff kept us so well-fed.

At the moment, I have plenty of photos (and memories!) to sort through of London, Spain, Portugal, the Bahamas and the cruise ship. Thanksgiving in London was tremendous, but I miss my step-daughter even more acutely after such a brief cameo! I hope those of you who have wandered by here are having fun. I look forward to catching up with all y’all (as they say around here) both online and off.

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  1. Love that photo, you almost expect the water to nudge the clouds so they kind of bounce up and down!

    Glad you had a good time!

    Everything seemed so heightened and alive out there… if the sea had suddenly nudged the clouds it would have made sense somehow! :) ~Tui

  2. Great photo Tui. Looks like a great trip.

    It was, Joe. Hey, I’m gonna go check out your 7 Fishes Feast… Buon Natale! :) ~Tui

  3. So glad there were mostly smooth seas for you!
    Seas as far as the eye can see…and the clouds reflecting in them, gorgeous shot.

    I should have asked someone how far we were seeing. The sea stretched all the way to the horizon and I have no idea how many miles I was seeing. The clouds were often much lower than I expected. It was beautiful and smelled great, too. ~Tui

  4. Wow, that was quite a trip. Very nostalgic, pre-WWII. How long did the trans-Atlantic portion take?

    It was super fun! I have a notebook full of notes that I haven’t fully digested yet. It took a week to cross the Atlantic. I worried that the days at sea would get boring, but they just flew by! I’ll be posting more about it, that’s for sure! ~Tui

  5. Tracey Tracey

    So NOT fair! You’re supposed to invite one Mr. Tracey Buh-GOK along on these types of trips! I WANT ALL THE PICS!!! :) LOVE YOU! Who is Tex? :)

    OK, Mr. T. Buh-gok! It would be a lot of fun to cruise with you, I must say. :) I will be posting more pix! Love back atcha, my dear. :)

  6. I love that photo. I think I would find the ocean endlessly fascinating and dynamic. I base that on the fact that in an airplane above the clouds I find the clouds endlessly fascinating and dynamic. I hope you will be posting some of your photos. I enjoy your site and your photos.

    I am the same way about clouds on the plane! Clouds, in general. I will, indeed, be posting more pix. As you pointed out before, I need to revive my Flickr account. Gonna head over to your blog now and see what’s up with you! :) ~Tui

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