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Saturday Show & Tell – 11th Edition

Camping in West Texas (photo by Tui Cameron)
Camping in West Texas (photo by Tui Cameron)

Welcome to the Saturday Show & Tell blog carnival!

This week, Sarah V. brings us an enthusiastic travelogue about camping in west Texas, entitled Big Bend: Unexpected Beauty posted at Wandering Off. Her post includes photos and vivid descriptions:

The flat landscape became a series of dramatic cliffs. The short desert plants disappeared and were replaced by golden grasses and Juniper trees. The straight road began to curve in its attempt to make its way into the basin.

Sarah’s post makes me look forward to doing more camping when I get home. I’ve learned, however, that autumn is better than summer for camping in Texas. When it is still 90 degrees at midnight, it is kinda hard to get much sleep. (The photo at the top of this post is from a west Texas camping trip I took in the fall.)

Katie Sorene brings us an article claiming to reveal the 15 Most Magical Places in the World posted over at Tripbase blog. Katie’s opening is evocative:

Wizards, sorcerers, hobbits and goblins. This maybe the stuff of fairy-tales but you can bring magic to life! Visit these breath-taking magical destinations and live out your own travel legend!

It’s a beautiful post, with lush photos that sent me off on a daydreaming journey. (I can’t complain, however, since at the moment this blog post is published, I shall be sailing my way to Spain.)

That wraps up this week’s edition of the Saturday Show & Tell blog carnival. Thanks to all who participated this week, either by submitting a post, or by leaving comments below. See you next time!

Speaking of…

Would you like to highlight your blog on an upcoming Saturday Show & Tell? If so, here are 2 ways to submit your post. Either send the link directly to me via tui [at] mentalmosaic [dot] com, or submit it through the Blog Carnival site via this link. If you have any questions, shoot me an email, or ask in a comment below.

As always, if you enjoyed this week’s post, give us a shout out. If you didn’t, well, just remember what your mama told you about doing when you don’t have anything nice to say.

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  1. Thanks for sharing my post and for hosting Saturday Show and Tell! That’s a lovely West Texas photo.

  2. Rev. Joy Rev. Joy

    I expect to see and hear much ado about el Miel dela Luna! J

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