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Which Flower Do You Feel Like?

Flower number One (photo from Laree' Griffith)
Flower number One (photo from Laree' Griffith)

Today’s guest post comes from my vivacious friend, Laree’ Griffith, the creative force behind Ambient Muse Production Services. She specializes in social marketing, production services and creative services. As she explains:

My role is to be an extension of the artist, focusing on the logistics that carry out the artist’s vision, navigating the terrain of media, marketing, and promotion while communicating with fans and vendors, all in the high-energy atmosphere of creative energy.

Flower number Two (photo from Laree' Griffith)
Flower number Two (photo from Laree' Griffith)

Do you feel like Flower number one or Flower number two?

If it’s number one: awesome, keep it up, and spread the love!

If you’re feeling like flower number two, my heart goes out to you. The good news though, is that I believe you have absolute control over which flower you are.

Just like any flower you need certain elements in your environment that are going to support, nurture, and inspire you. It’s completely possible and necessary for you to create your own unique personal eco system and support structures in your life- so that you can thrive and live the best non wilted life possible, your life.

Seriously…Why have it any other way?

So take a look at flower number one and ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the things in my life that give me energy, a sense of clarity and purpose that add vibrant color and beauty in big and small ways?

Your answers could include such things as letting the sun beat down on your bare shoulders, cooking a great meal while sipping a glass of wine and listening to your favourite music.

Maybe it’s having a clean and orderly home, a sparkling refrigerator.

Is it getting plenty of sleep, having your finances under control, feeling sexy, living from a mindset of abundance?

Does hanging out with your friends for the evening bring you back down to earth?

Take note of what really lights you up, helps you to be productive, creative and feel unstoppable and jot these things down.

What kinds of books, music, blogs, podcast, movies or TV shows inspire you?

Are there books that never fail to restore your faith and hope, even when you just spot them for the 100th time on your bookshelf? How about blogs that make you giggle or smile and restore a healthy sense of humour into your life?

Do you have a favourite author or a list of books you want to read? Radio shows or podcasts that are so inspiring you forget time, your worries and easily absorb into the content with joy?

How about movies, are there some that just have the power to lift you up , cause your heart to flutter with sensuality or tap deep into your empathy?

Who are the people in your life who totally inspire you?

Can you think of people who, whenever you talk to them, you feel a little lighter, like you can move up a level in life- just because of their presence?

Is there someone who always inspires new ideas and an amazing new perspective on life? When you part, you walk away from them and are certain you are now a better person because of the energy they shared.

Now take a good look at flower two and answer the following questions:

  • What things do I do and allow in my life that make me feel off, tired and icky?

It could be not getting enough sleep, spending excessive amounts of time mindlessly surfing the internet, flipping TV channels, procrastinating, being unproductive and comparing yourself to others.

Not following through with priorities, letting your health and appearance slide.

Not getting enough sunshine and fresh air. Not experiencing enough intimacy or healthy supportive connections in your life.

Are you hanging on to any toxic things or relationships…they can be tiny or huge. Messy drawers, piles of papers, light bulbs that need changed in the house.

Are you hanging out with people that fuel thoughts of victimization and fear, scarcity?

How about the little things you tolerate, like small amounts of money that come out of your bank account every month for things or sites you never use? Are there things you watch, habits you do simply because they feel comfortable, but are actually slowly draining you?

Settling is toxic.

Ewww…I feel energy being drained just mentioning that stuff!

Go back up to Flower Number One and make sure you’re scheduling some of those things into your life on a daily basis, things that make you thrive, feel color and life, and that inspire you to connect as closely as you can to your own brilliance and energy.

Don’t worry – this is not a selfish act, there is no better gift to those you love than being truly passionate, thriving and at ease in your own environment. They will appreciate and be more inspired by you when you take the time to take care of yourself first.

Be willing, determined and committed to take complete responsibility for creating and implementing the elements into your life that will support you and make your life magical-it’s not going to just happen one day, no one is going to save you or some day sprinkle fairy dust on you. Quit waiting around for your lucky break and tend to your own beautiful garden.

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  1. These all flowers are looking very nice and beautiful because they are colorful and pretty. Every flower contains unique beauty and color which all people like to grow up in their garden.

  2. This is a very good post for me to read right now, thanks Tui!

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