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Row80 check-in: Keeping it Short & Sweet for Valentine’s Day

Heart completed by a shadow (photo by Tui Snider)
Heart completed by a shadow (photo by Tui Snider)

What is ROW80?

ROW80 is an online writer support group created by the author, Kait Nolan. ROW80 is kinda like AA, except that we’re here to enable each other’s creative addictions! I find ROW80 to be an excellent tool for making and keeping track of creative projects. Plus, I enjoy following other people’s progress through their blog posts and the Twitter hashtag #ROW80. For details on how you can play along, as well as a more serious explanation, check out: the official ROW80 website.

My Row80 Goals

First off, Happy Valentine’s to all, y’all! The above photograph was taken on a bright, sunny day last week, a day full of those sharply-defined shadows I’ve come to expect from Texas. I like how the shadow from that metal loop created a heart shape.

When I posted the photo to Facebook, my pal @woofmutt remarked, “The love in this picture is an illusion, a shadow cast by something cold and bent.” Poetically cynical, but I’d expect nothing less from him!

While I made a big long list of goals for 2013, I’m gonna keep my Row80 goals clear and simple this week. Here they are:


OK… I’ve got lots of writing projects underway, however, for this Row80 round, I’m going to concentrate on completing ONE of them: a non-fiction book about Texas that I will self-publish as an eBook. The working title is, “Tips for Texpats: A Light-hearted Look at Life in Texas,” but the title could change. Basically, it’s a collection of Texas trivia blended with cultural observations (often humorous) about what it’s like to live in the Lone Star State.


For this Row80 round, I would like to record at least one more of my songs. I’ve got three up on MySpace at the moment, but I have quite a back log I’d like to share.

That’s it for now! I will probably add on these goals for next week’s check-in, which is one of the things I like about ROW80; it’s flexible.

ROW80 Linky:

That’s how my writing goals are going. How are yours coming along? Here are links to all the other Row80 participants. Check them out:

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