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PhotoWalk in Granbury, Texas #LangdonReview #VisitGranbury

You’re invited to a PhotoWalk

If you like taking pictures, join me for a fun-filled photowalk! As part of my community outreach requirements as the writer-in-residence for the Langdon Review, I’m leading a photowalk through the historic town square of Granbury, Texas.

[This post is part of a series of updates as the 2016 Writer-in-Residence for the Langdon Review. ]

550 002 Granbury PhotoWalk with Tui Snider

What is a PhotoWalk?

A photowalk is when a group of shutterbugs stroll through a picturesque spot as a group while taking pictures of anything interesting that catches their eye along the way. Granbury’s historic town square is chock full of historic architecture, interesting shops and other photo ops. It’s going to be so fun!

How to Participate?

If you would like to be part of my upcoming PhotoWalk in Granbury, then drop by the Langdon Arts Center (308 E. Pearl St, Granbury, TX) at 10am on Saturday, September 3rd, 2016. Once our group has gathered, I will lay out our plan of attack and answer any questions you may have before we head out. Afterwards, we can all catch lunch somewhere. I’m not sure where, yet. Much depends on how many people show up!

PhotoWalk Hashtags to Use:

You can follow along and view all the photos we share online during and after our photowalk by following these hashtags on Twitter and Instagram: 

#LangdonReview #PhotoWalk #VisitGranbury


You can also follow me @TuiSnider on both Twitter and Instagram.

Ugh! What are hashtags?

If none of the above info about hashtags makes sense to you, don’t worry! There will be time to ask me about it during the photowalk! (You can also ask me questions by leaving a comment below.)

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No matter where you live in the galaxy, Tui's books can take you on a FUN adventure!
No matter where you live in the galaxy, Tui Snider’s books can take you on a FUN adventure!

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