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NYC, London & New Orleans – Here I come!

Looking over the side of the cruise ship. (photo by Tui Snider)
Looking over the side of the cruise ship. (photo by Tui Snider)

Gone Traveling

Thought I’d better let folks know that I’m off doing what travel writers love best: traveling!

Over the next several weeks, the hubby and I will be hitting up NYC, Long Island, London, Barcelona, Cartagena, Cadiz, Ponta Delgada and New Orleans. Plus, we’re taking the slow way home – a transatlantic cruise. Internet access on cruises is the worst of all worlds: it’s not just slow, it’s pricey. As a result, my ability to respond to blog comments and emails is going to be pretty iffy until our return, November 15th.

However, not only do we have a capable house-sitter making sure our kitty and fish are happy, but I have a couple of capable blog-sitters who will be hosting my Traveler’s Show & Tell blog carnival while I’m away. Phew!

    On Saturday, October 29, 2011 Andarin from Byteful Travel will host Traveler’s Show & Tell at his blog. Andarin is a mindful traveler who looks for meaning in his journeys. He hosts an excellent blog carnival each month at his travel site, so I know my carnival is in good hands.
    On Saturday, November 12, 2011 Paula Puffer from Don’t Be a Pickle Bump will feature Traveler’s Show & Tell at her place. Paula’s been traveling through the southwest lately, and she is a fabulous photographer, so that will be a good one, too.

If you’re a blogger who has written about your travels (or even something interesting about your home town), or you have a travel-related photo essay that you would like to share, check out the Traveler’s Show & Tell to find out how you can submit your post to this blog carnival.

Meanwhile, have fun wherever you may be. I’ll return to the blogosphere in November!

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  1. Internet access on cruises is pricey, but you can always use internet cafes in ports, they keep low prices because of crewmembers who are primary guests.

  2. Gil Gil

    Glad to hear someone is going to New Orleans! Have a few dozen oysters and a bowl of gumbo for me! I equate visiting New Orleans to visiting Naples! Well, kind of because of all of the sea food… Happy Traveling.

  3. Paul Acciavatti Paul Acciavatti

    With pictures, I hope! BUON VIAGGIO!!!!

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