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Hypothetical Pie

Back in my barista days, when I had an interesting idea, I’d quickly jot it down on a scrap of paper, then toss it in my tip jar. On days off, I’d sort through all this flotsam and see what I had. Yeah, that’s my idea of fun. At any rate, sometimes my shorthand is too cryptic. The first time this happened, the paper simply said, “Hypothetical Pie.” Sure, It was my handwriting, but I had no clue what I’d originally meant by that. Made me feel a little startled – and senile – actually. I still don’t know what I meant by that phrase!

Even now, I’ve always carry a little notebook with me. Along with to-do lists, I write down ideas, things I overhear, and interesting things my friends say. Let’s flip through one of these little notebooks, shall we? Let’s see if there’s any hypothetical pie:

Overheard in Wal-Mart: “I didn’t slap you. I just hi-fived your face.”

“What happens in Vegas, stays on Youtube.” – said by LL

“After all, people are only human.” – said by AH

Vultures remind us of each other.

New word: squandertunity

Sparky:There’s too much glare in here.
Woofmutt: It’s from my brilliance. I can’t tone it down.

So far it’s all making sense to me. Aha! I’ve found a slice of hypothetical pie. It says, “carbon dating in high school.” Wonder what I meant by that? Guess it made sense at the time.

As for today’s photo, this shot of the Piazza Plebiscito in Naples, Italy has absolutely nothing to do with anything in this post, although I have spent many an hour sitting on the shady side of the steps there, writing in my journal.

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  1. I used to write things down all the time like that and I, too, have some of those things that I have no idea what I meant or wanted from what I wrote. I still try to do it, but it’s difficult because it seems like my most “brilliant” thoughts come when I’m driving. I think I need one of those little tape or voice recorders.

    I actually have a voice recorder, but I also get a lot of ideas in the shower and while doing dishes, so I have to be careful not to fry the little gizmo. ~Tui

  2. Supposedly rappers carry note books to jot down rhymes they think of. Based on what I hear coming from the car windows in my neighborhood I’d guess they’re mostly jotting down new rhymes for “bitch”, “whore/ho”, and “Victorian writing desk.”

    Victorian writing desk, eh? Hmmm… Btw, my rap name is Ice Dog, but the only time I bust a rhyme is when I’m on a road trip with pals, so it all gets lost (thankfully) to the wind.

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