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#IndieBookmas A Holiday Gift Guide Featuring Books by Indie Authors

Need Gift Ideas for Book Lovers? Scroll down!

#IndieBookmas is a Holiday Gift Guide for Readers

Books make great gifts! Here’s a list of Indie Authors you can support by buying their books this holiday season! To help you, each author describes the type of reader who will like their books.

What kind of readers are on your list? Need a gift for Aunt Sally, the genealogy buff? How about your little brother who loves scary movies? Scroll down the list to find the perfect books to give to the people on your Christmas list this year. (And if you’re an author who wants their book added to this gift guide, scroll down for directions on how to add your books.)

#IndieBookmas Book List for 2019: 

Author: Tui Snider

Amazon author page: Buy Tui Snider’s books on Amazon
Twitter handle:@TuiSnider
Author website:
Genres: Offbeat History, Travel, Cemetery Symbols, Texas

Who to buy for: Genealogists and cemetery explorers will love Understanding Cemetery Symbols as well as the Graveyard Journal. Paranormal Texas is perfect for ghost hunters and spooky road trippers. Fans of quirky road trips will love Unexpected Texas and 100 Things to Do in Dallas – Fort Worth Before You Die. Meanwhile, Snider’s Santa Claus Bank Robbery, makes a great stocking stuffer for true crime fans and history buffs.

Author: Patricia Josephine

Author pages: AmazonSmashwordsBarnes & NobleiTunes, and Kobo
Twitter handle: @pattyauthor07
Author website:
Genres: Urban Fantasy and Sci-Fi Romance

Who to buy for: Readers looking to escape from the real world will love Tempting Friendship and Mistakes of the Past. Fantasy fans short on time will devour Influence of Love. Urban Fantasy fans will love battling evil in Path of Angels. Fans of science fiction who also enjoy some romance will enjoy Abducted Life.

Author: Patricia Lynne

Author pages: Amazon and Smashwords
Twitter handle: @pattyauthor07
Author website:
Genres: Young Adult paranormal, speculative fiction, and fantasy

Who to buy for: Being Human is for young adults to sink their teeth into vampire stories that give a twist to the old myth. Fans of science fiction and speculative fiction will lose themself in Snapshots. Post-apocalyptic and dystopian fans will be lifted by the hope in Leaves of Fall.

Author: Maggie Foster

Amazon author page: Buy Maggie Foster’s books on Amazon
Author website:
Twitter handle: @maggiefoster55
Genres: Mystery, Scottish Texans

Who to buy for: Mystery fans will love curling up with the Loch Lonach Series. Featuring Ginny Forbes, an ICU nurse with a talent for critical thinking, the stories are rich in Scottish culture as well as exciting adventures, clever puzzles, and entertaining characters. Award winning and addictive, every book is a five-star read!

Author: Kevin Wayne Williams

Amazon author page: Buy Kevin’s books on Amazon
Author website:
Genres: Horror
Twitter handle: @KevinWayneW

Who to buy for: A 2014 Foreword Indies winner for Multicultural Adult Fiction, “Everything I Know About Zombies. I Learned in Kindergarten” makes the perfect gift for the adult zombie fan who also appreciates literary fiction and understands that not every survivor is a big white man with a gun.

Author: Julie Reeser

Etsy page: Buy Julie’s books on Etsy
Author website: Persephone Knits
Genres: poetry
Twitter handle: @abetterjulie

Who to buy for: Your tenderhearted friends and family, your dreamers and thinkers and philosophers. The nature noticers and relationship weavers. Gentle and generous lovers. Teachers you admire and students you want to encourage. Friends who mean everything to you, but you aren’t sure how to show it. Poetry is for everyone; the language of connection.

Author: Chrys Fey

Amazon author page: Buy Chrys Fey’s books here
Author website:
Twitter handle: @ChrysFey
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Who to buy for: Fans of Nora Roberts and romantic-suspense will devour the Disaster Crimes series. Hurricane Crimes, an award-winning novella under 50 pages sets you on the path of disasters, crimes, and love. With Beth and Donovan, you’ll experience steamy love scenes, nail-biting moments, sweet romance, and laughter.

Author: Marie Landry

Amazon author page: Amazon Kobo iBooks Nook
Author website:
Genres: Contemporary romance
Twitter handle: @sweetmarie83

Who to buy for: Fans of Hallmark Christmas movies will love The Most Wonderful Time of the Year and Mistletoe Kiss. If you like your festive reads both naughty and nice, Only You is for you. Contemporary romance lovers are sure to fall in love with Maybe You. Fans of emotional coming-of-age stories will have their heartstrings tugged by Blue Sky Days, Waiting for the Storm, After the Storm, and Take Them by Storm.

Author: David C. Kravetz

Amazon author page: Buy David’s books on Amazon
Author website: Less Beaten Paths
Genres: Travel, Quirky Travel, Back Roads Travel, Unique Town Names
Twitter handle: @sumoflam

Who to buy for: David Kravetz writes books for travelers, especially those that want to learn first hand about the unique places and things to be found on America’s back roads. From unique-named towns to wacky and weird attractions to unique gift shops and tourist traps, David covers them all.

Author: Elaine Kaye

Amazon author page: Buy Elaine’s books on Amazon.
Author website:
Genres: Children’s Books, Picture Books
Twitter handle: @ElaineKAuthor

Who to buy for: Introduce the kids in your life to Gregory Green and his teddy bear Sammy! In A Gregory Green Adventure Series, you’ll find Pea Soup Disaster, Sleigh Ride, the Missing Alphabet, and MORE! Fans of Curious George and Corduroy, from kids and adults to educators, will enjoy these sweet stories.

Author: Harry Hall

Amazon author page: Buy Harry’s books on Amazon
Author website: Pedestriennes
Genres: historical, nonfiction, self-help
Twitter handle: n/a

Who to buy for: From 1876-1881, a small group of women endurance walkers dazzled America with their on-and-off track exploits in the award-winning, The Pedestriennes, America’s Forgotten Superstars. Conquer your public speaking fear (tops the list for many Americans) with, Help! Everyone is Staring at Me.

Author: Bambi Harris

Amazon author page: Buy Bambi’s books on Amazon
Author website:
Genres: Supernatural, Paranormal, Historical, Mystery, Murder, Time Travel, Sci Fi,
Romance, Afterlife
Twitter handle: @Bambi_Afterlife

Who to buy for: These books are for anyone who loves a compelling eerie mystery with paranormal undertones. These intriguing tales, set in different time periods, sweep the reader up while keeping them at the edge of their seats. Anyone who reads a Bambi Harris book is guaranteed to want to read another.

Author: Alex J. Cavanaugh

Where to buy Alex’s books: B&N Amazon iTunes Kobo Books-a-Million Audible
Author website:
Genres: Science Fiction – Space Opera/Adventure
Twitter handle: @AlexJCavanaugh

Who to buy for: CassaStorm is perfect for fans of Robert L. Heinlein and Star Wars – those who like their science fiction mixed with character development and action.  Suitable for early teens through adult. Carries great message of peace and acceptance.

Author: Andrew Crusoe

Amazon author page: Buy Andrew’s books here
Author website: Andrew’s website
Genres: EcoTourism, Nonfiction, scifi, memoir
Twitter handle: @hellocrusoe

Who to buy for: Makes a great gift for anyone who loves travelogues, unconventional living, or Hawaii. The story follows a young man who felt the call. From the moment he lands on Hawaii, synchronicities click together and the island opens him up, leading him to the home of a volcano goddess herself.

Author: Mimi Flood

Amazon author page: Amazon Kobo Nook
Author website: Mimi Flood
Genres: Contemporary romance (different heat levels)
Twitter handle: @WriterMimiFlood

Who to buy for: The Long Weekend is perfect for readers who love city girls who reluctantly return to their small hometown, real-life romance, real-life family drama and gorgeous former crushes who do naughty things. It’s the perfect blend of family, a funeral and falling in love.

Author: Serdar Yegulalp

Amazon author page: Buy Serdar’s books here
Author website:
Genres: SF/fantasy/slipstream
Twitter handle: @genjipress

Who to buy for: Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned – for those who always wanted a crossover between crime-family drama and cyberpunk, between “GoodFellas” and “Strange Days”.

Author: Jacquelyn Middleton

Amazon author page: Buy Jacquelyn Middleton’s books on Amazon
Author website:
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction
Instagram handle: @JaxMiddleton_Author

Who to buy for: Jacquelyn Middleton’s award-winning books are character & relationship-driven stories about people dealing with the triumphs & disasters we all experience. They’re also love stories for hopeful romantics, but life is messy, and she’s not afraid to go there, too. Jacquelyn has had life-long anxiety & depression and depicts mental health realistically and empathetically.

Author: Sarah Brentyn

Amazon author page: Buy Sarah’s books on Amazon
Author website:
Genres: flash fiction
Twitter handle: @SarahBrentyn

Who to buy for: These slim volumes of flash fiction are perfect for anyone who wants a collection to dip in and out of during the holiday season. They explore the dark side of the human condition and leave readers thinking.  Enjoy some bite-sized morsels of poetic prose.

Author: Stephen Drivick

Amazon author page: Buy Stephen’s books on Amazon
Author website: none
Genres: Science Fiction/Post Apocalyptic/ Dystopian
Twitter handle: @StephenDrivick

Who to buy for: Zombie fans will enjoy the Sometimes We Ran series – I just uploaded the 4th book. If you’re a fan of giant bugs, I have a story about that, too. :)

Author: You’re next! (scroll down for directions)

Amazon author page: add text here…
Author website: add text here…
Genres: add text here…
Twitter handle:

Who to buy for: add text here… 50 word description! Let us know who the ideal readers are for your books. Feel free to mention your book titles. (Scroll down to see how to get your books added to this list.)

Authors – Want your books listed? Here’s how:

It’s easy! If you’d like to be listed on the #IndieBookmas Holiday Gift Guide, simply leave a comment on this blog post with the following info [PLEASE: Use the BLOG comment form, NOT the FB comment form. It’s easier for me to keep track. Thanks!]:

    1. Your pen name
    2.  Link to your Amazon book page (or wherever else you sell books online.)
    3.  Author website
    4. Twitter handle (if you have one)
    5. Genre or genres
    6. Then, in 50 words or LESS, tell us in the third person WHO your books make great gifts for. See examples in the list. (If you need to count your words, use If you go over 50 words, I will trim the result.)


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    Each day, I will add new authors to this blog post. Watch our #IndieBookmas Holiday Gift Guide for Indie Author Books grow!

    Let’s work together!

    Each day, I will add new authors to this blog post. Watch our #IndieBookmas Holiday Gift Guide for Indie Author Books grow! Let’s work together to make this gift guide a success!

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