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Unexpected Texas Book Signing – You’re Invited!

Ms. Kalliope can be very distracting! (photo by Tui Snider)
Ms. Kalliope can be very distracting! (photo by Tui Snider)

Book Signing this Saturday

I’ve got good news for my Row80 writing check-in! This Saturday, March 29, 2014 I will be in downtown Fort Worth, Texas with paperbacks of Unexpected Texas in hand, ready to sign and sell. The venue is a funky furniture shop called There’s No Place Like Home (855 Foch St, Fort Worth, TX 76107), and I will be there from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. If you are in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, I hope you will swing by and say hi!

This Saturday is perfect for a book signing, since it’s also the Fort Worth Art District Association (FWADA) Spring Gallery Walk. I’ve been to these gallery walks before. They are lively, fun, and well-attended. Plus, many places (including my venue!) serve wine and snacks.

Thing is, I’ve never done a book signing before. Aside from the obvious (bring a bunch of my books and a pen), I’m not sure what to do.

Should I offer prizes?

Here’s one idea I had: I could ask people to sign up for my email newsletter and randomly pick one of them to win a prize. What do you think? Beyond that, I’m not sure what to do, besides have fun and chat with people.

What are your book-signing tips?

This is where *you* come in. What advice do you have for me? I would really appreciate input from readers and writers alike. Please leave a comment with your 2 cents worth, specifically:

As a reader, what makes a book signing interesting to you?

As a fellow author, what have you learned from in-person book signings of your own?

What is Row80?

ROW80 is short for A Round of Words in 80 Days. It was created by the author, Kait Nolan, who describes it as, “an online writing challenge that knows you have a life.”

Basically, ROW80 is a way for writers to connect online and share progress on their writing goals. Click on the aforementioned link for more information. To join in and cheer on other ROW80 writers, check out the A Round of Words in 80 Days website. You may also simply click on any of the blog in the following list:

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  1. Hi Tui. How exciting! Someone suggested I bring along a spiral notebook and leave it and a pen available for anyone who might like to be added to my mailing list. I made it look special and put headings for name and email. Bookmarks were a big hit and I left plenty of business cards around for those who wanted to check out the website. I also brought cookies. Best of luck and have a blast!

    • Tui Snider Tui Snider

      Great ideas, JP! It’s too late for bookmarks this time around – but next time! I’ve got an Unexpected Texas notebook that I can use for mailing list sign ups. Thanks so much. I’ll let you know how it goes. :D

  2. Congratulations on the book signing! Sounds like fun. I don’t have any tips specifically. Just hope you enjoy the experience!

    • Tui Snider Tui Snider

      Thanks, Julie! I’m sure it will be fun. Hopefully, I’ll learn a thing or two, as well. :D

  3. I can’t say I know much about book signings at this stage of the game, so I can’t offer any words of wisdom. But I can wish you good luck! I like the idea of offering a prize.

    I can’t wait to hear more about how your book signing goes and what lessons you learn about that aspect of the writing business.

    • Tui Snider Tui Snider

      Hi Denise, Thanks for dropping by. I appreciate the good tidings and will definitely share what goes well (and what does not!) this Saturday. :)

  4. I usually take bookmarks with all my other books on it so if they enjoy one of them, they will know the titles of my others, plus it gives them information on my website and where to find me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. My last book release, I did a shirt giveaway, and then some ebook giveaways too to people who signed up. I like the newsletter signup…you get something, they get something.

    I wish I could come to your signing, but I will be out of town this weekend. I still need you to autograph my copy of your book!

    • Tui Snider Tui Snider

      Hi Randa! Thank you for all the good pointers. I was hoping you would offer some input, since I know you’ve had experience with book signings. Lol! We just need to get together one of these days. It’s always so fun to sign books for friends. :)

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