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Six Feet – More Than Just a Social Distance

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Russell Andrew shared his review of “6 Feet Under Texas” with me.

Six Feet – More Than Just a Social Distance

by Russell Andrew

The following book review was written by Russell Andrew and first appeared in the Tarrant County College newsletter:

I’ve had a lot of time to read lately due to staying at home and one of my favorite recent books has been 6 Feet Under Texas: Unique, Famous & Historic Graves in the Lone Star State by local author Tui Snider.

Organized alphabetically by city and packed with pictures, the book includes stories about the graves of wild west gunfighters, depression-era outlaws, rock stars and space aliens to name just a few. 

Ms. Snider even solved the identity of an unknown one-legged tightrope walker (performing with a stove strapped to his back!) who passed away following an accident (What could have possibly gone wrong?) in Corsicana. If he were alive today he would definitely have been on America’s Got Talent!

There is also the story of a hobo who was mummified and went through a carnival, a chicken coop, two headstones, two funerals and a ballad on his way to finally resting in peace.

A famous ragtime composer is buried in Oakwood Cemetery.  Did you know that?  I didn’t.

You can visit the graves of two men in the Old City Greenwood Cemetery in Weatherford who were the inspiration for the Lonesome Dove book and mini-series.  I plan to!

Tarrant County graves are well represented in the book with entries from Fort Worth, Arlington and Keller. Being a resident of Keller, I checked out the pioneer burial cairns in Mount Gilead Cemetery. 

Before reading the book, I had no idea that Mount Gilead Cemetery was established in 1847 by the Peters Colony.  So much history is all around us if we just look!

Ms. Snider provides addresses for each cemetery to make planning your visit easier as well as websites and suggestions for further reading.

Check out 6 Feet Under Texas and I guarantee you will learn some Texas history you didn’t know!

If you’re intrigued by Russell’s review, you can check out the rest of the book by clicking here. (Psst! It makes a great Christmas gift for any genealogists or history buffs on your list, too.)

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