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Author Interview: 4 Questions for Teal L. Gray about “Reading the Unwritten”

Multi-talented author releases her 4th book:

My buddy, Teal L. Gray, has a fascinating new book out called Reading the Unwritten which Amazon recently named a “Hot New Release” in the “ghosts and hauntings” category. This is a book that’s been in the work for several years, and Teal’s fans have eagerly awaited its release.

It’s hard to keep up with Teal because writing books is just one of her many talents. She’s also an award-winning quilter, ordained minister, and podcast host, among many other things. As the “Lavender Crow,” Teal developed a line of home grown nature products infused with holy water, salt, and oils from her sacred site travels. Her new book, Reading the Unwritten, focuses on another one of Teal’s talents: her incredible gifts of intuition.

Unlike most of my author pals, Teal and I actually met in-person, rather than online. (In fact, we met at a seance, but that’s a fun story for another day!) Right now, I’d like to share my interview with Teal, which is the latest in my 4 Question Author Interview series:

Teal L Gray, author

1. I love the cover of your new book, but please tell me more about the title. What exactly do you mean by “Reading the Unwritten“? 

Thank you so much Tui. I chose the cover photograph because it captures how I feel when receiving messages beyond the veil. I am partly here on solid ground, but also partly holding out my light to be interacted with by unseen messengers.

I have always referred to my gift of intuition as “reading the unwritten” because it is a story of my, or someone else’s future I am bringing into a possible reality in the Book of Life. I see it as if it has happened, but in reality, it is only an unwritten possibility depending on choices made by me or you.

We have free will, so we are always in charge of our life story and situations we find ourselves in depending on our decisions. Nothing is written in stone for us. The pen is guided by our choices in writing our life story.

2. Who is “Reading the Unwritten” for? What will readers get from reading this book?

I kept the book brief so the reader can be inspired by some of my favorite techniques and get onto creating their dream life without getting bogged down by a long read beforehand. It is for people curious about who they might be speaking to when communicating with the other side. You can never really be sure, unfortunately.

I hope to enlighten the reader to possible light and dark energies they may encounter when dealing with the paranormal and provide prayers and protections to help them safely navigate the unknown realm. Understanding this has transformed me from being frightened of my gifts, into a realization that the unknown visitor can just as likely be a helpful, even angelic, entity rather than a negative, deceptive one.

3. “Reading the Unwritten” isn’t your first book, but it is your first solo effort. What made you take this route?

Yes, this is my fourth book but first solo endeavor. I wanted to have a one-on-one conversation with the reader. I normally love to include other voices and opinions to a topic but felt this was best coming only from my thoughts and views on the subject. Navigating the paranormal realms and getting otherworldly guidance is complicated enough.

Teal L Gray, author

4. What can readers expect from you next?

I have several books coming out soon. One will be an expected subject coming from me if you follow my lectures, called Forget Me Not- Memento Mori a World View. It will include beliefs (Yes, I cover the history of Sin Eaters!) and burial practices used worldwide by major world religions throughout history.

This book discusses the intricacies of how grief blends with the beautiful memento mori jewelry and hair art pieces. I share stories and photos of my vast collection of items that include grave rubbings, as well as the sub-genre of the Dance of Death art and more. I cover world histories of cemeteries, graveyards, symbolism and the famous stone carvers behind those beautiful last markers of a life lived, and the history of the funeral carriages that take them on that last ride.

I also delve into interesting and sometimes gruesome strange burials, contraptions, and protections from vampires and attempts to keep from being buried alive. It ends with taking you through many new burial options available to make your life remembered as you wish.

I am also very excited to be venturing into new territory with fiction writing. My first novel is called The Mermaid Club which is a contemporary tale. My heroine’s marriage ends tragically, catapulting her on a path of self-discovery with a group of unlikely women who become her salvation and catalyst for real change.

The Mermaid Club is largely set in my beloved homestate of Texas. As a native Texan, I feel there is no better place on earth to get your inner strength and spirit back. So, we hit the winding road from her current home in Chicago, through part of historic Route 66, and bring her back to her birthplace in Austin, Texas where a whole new life and romance await her.

Teal L Gray, author

Learn more about Teal L. Gray:

BIO: Teal Gray is a best-selling author and native Texan. She is an ordained minister fascinated with world religions and their varying belief systems. Her sacred site travels and experiences are reflected in various ways in her books. Ever curious, she hopes to make your reading experience feel like you are on the trail of answers with her. Her books include: Shades of Angels, Spirited Tales, Scared Senseless, and Reading the Unwritten.

Books: Find Teal L. Gray’s books on Amazon


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  1. Cathy Cathy

    So quick question. My question to you then is, you dab in spiritism? If so I do not mess with anything or play or taunt the demons. Because they are definitely real. But each to their own. I’m sure ppl are looking forward to your shop. I hope it’s a good as you hoped it would be .

    • Hi Cathy! Tui here: Personally, I don’t mess around with spiritualism. I’ve had some experiences that I could classify as paranormal, however. As for Teal, she is an ordained minister who does not look at paranormal activity as something to play with. She was born with intuitive abilities and it took her a long time to come to terms with them. No matter what your belief system is, however, Teal’s bath and beauty products are great. I especially love the bath bombs! Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment. :D ~Tui

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