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True Spooks 2012: True Ghost Stories

Cemetery angel (photo by Tui Snider)
Cemetery angel (photo by Tui Snider)



Welcome to the 2012 True Spooks blog carnival

No matter what you believe, ghost stories can be a lot of fun. Each year, I host a Blog Carnival with true ghost stories as its theme. Last year’s was chock full of paranormal goodness, so if you’re still in the mood for more spooky tales after reading this batch, check out, True Spooks 2011, too.

True Ghost Stories:

Diane J. Reed presents Real Ghost Photo! posted at Bandits Ranch, saying,

“When I received an email from a friend asking if the Autumn leaves had peaked in my area, I decided to stop by the old farmhouse to take a photo of the glorious maple tree beside it. I didn’t think any more about it until that evening when my husband stumbled across the photo in our joint email account. “Honey,” he said, “where did you get this? Did you see the ghost in the window?” Sure enough, in the upper far right window of the farmhouse there appears to be a person staring outside, smiling at m “

Mandy Fleming presents My First Ghost posted at The Lost Creek Medicine Show, saying,

“The first ghost I ever saw was the best a paranormal investigator could hope for – a full bodied apparition.  Only I was not on an investigation.  I was a sophomore in high school in a sleepy little mining town in Kentucky.”

Charming Elements presents Dark Mysterious Encounter posted at, saying,

“I saw a figure standing just outside our house looking down at the ground. It was dressed in a long brown or black hooded robe. I was surprised to see anyone there at all. No one has any business being on our property at that hour of the night”

Linda Aksomitis presents Meeting the Ghosts of Bardstown posted at, saying,

“I’d never found any concrete evidence that ghosts really existed–even though I believed they did–until my trip to Bardstown, Kentucky. There, I communicated with Waleta using a divining rod, met some young mediums, and even snapped a photo of ghosts in the Jailer’s Inn where I stayed.”

Foxy presents The Haunting!!! posted at saying,

“I’m not one to believe in ghost or things of that nature but last night something happened that I just can’t explain. I thought I would share the story with all of you and see if you can explain away this weird little happening.”

Patricia Lynne presents Scare Me Blogfest posted at Patricia Lynne, saying,

“The purpose of the Scare Me Blogfest is to write about the scariest book that you’ve read, Movie you have watched, Ghosts you have encountered, and/or to share your own scary story.”

Linda Poitevin presents Amityville Revisited: My Red-Roomed House posted at Parajunkee, saying,

“My husband and I both worked shifts, which meant I spent many nights alone.
While it became more and more difficult for me to go up to our room if DH wasn’t in the house (even in broad daylight, never mind the dark), I was a rational person and not about to give into my imagination…One night in the middle of winter, however, that changed….The three of us slept on the couch that night…and every other night that DH worked a nightshift for the rest of our time in the place.”

Cemetery angel (photo by Tui Snider)
Cemetery angel (photo by Tui Snider)

Other Anomalies: Not Quite Ghosts (but still quite odd!)

Vanessa Morgan presents Shadow People posted at Vanessa Morgan, saying,

“Shadow people are human-shaped hooded forms that can be seen out of the corner of your eye. Strangely enough, the amount of eyewitness reports is increasing at an alarming rate. Is this because more people are talking about this phenomenon so others are admitting to it? Or is something more eerie going on?”

Tui Snider presents Alien Gravesite in Aurora Cemetery: The Roswell of Texas? posted at Mental Mosaic, saying,

“Like many older cemeteries, the one in Aurora, Texas has a Texas State Historical Marker. While pioneers, cattlemen, farmers and soldiers often figure prominently on such signs, what makes this historical marker so unusual is that it mentions a spaceship crash in 1897. A spaceship crash? In Texas? In 1897? Yes, indeed! “

Basil presents CCR 016: Rob Skiba Interview posted at Canary Cry Radio, saying,

“Rob Skiba interview regarding nephalim, Shadow people, DNA, nimrod, fringe christianity, the new world order, revelations, end days.”

Overgrown headstone (photo by Tui Snider)
Overgrown headstone (photo by Tui Snider)

Ghost Hunting Tips:

Shelley Tucker presents Cemetery Etiquette for Ghosthunters posted at This Eclectic Life, saying,

“There is a word for people like me. I am a “taphophile.” Simply put, it means that I love cemeteries and graveyards. As much as I love wandering in graveyards, there are rules of etiquette that apply. If you are thinking of a visit to a cemetery, I hope you will keep these in mind.”

Jennifer Saksa presents WavePad Analyzes Electronic Voice Phenomena posted at NCH Software Blog, saying,

“When investigating paranormal activity audio, recordings can be made and analyzed later, sometimes bringing sounds and patterns to the surface that I didn’t pick up with my ears alone, but after I review the audio, using WavePad, there’s an EVP!”

That concludes this edition, but – as I mentioned earlier – if you’re still in the mood for more spooky tales, check out: True Spooks 2011, too.

Submit your blog article to the next edition of 2013 True Spooks – Share Your Ghost Story using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.


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  1. Great collection of ghost stories! I’m looking forward to reading the upcoming 2013 True Spooks edition. Have you ever heard of the Haunted House stories in Sauk Centre, MN?

  2. jules v ness jules v ness

    Are You Scared?
    Jules V Ness
    After what I have learned to call The Lennox Haunting, a haunted house that I lived in terror in for thirty eight days total, we vacated the property and moved to a different home on the outskirts of Lennox.
    I thought the hell was over, but I was dead wrong. Sometimes hell does not leave, it just lays dormant, waiting and watching for that exact slice in time when you’re vulnerable. That’s the moment it comes again and lets you know that you are human, and it is not. Here is part of my story.
    I had walked upstairs to retrieve something from my bedroom, when I heard a commotion in the bathroom. It was impossible, I was home alone. I had left the bathroom door open with the light out, but the door was now closed and I could see light filtering out from beneath it. I slowly approached it.
    I laid my hand on the door knob, not being sure if I had the guts to actually open it. My heart was beating so hard by then I could hear it echoing in my ears. I paused there a moment. I slowly took my hand back off of the door knob and crept back to the hall closet.
    My ex husband had left his old set of golf clubs there for our son, Dominick to use. I opened the closet door slowly and as quietly as I could. I reached in and quietly pulled out the first one I felt. I was still watching the bathroom door, never taking my eyes off of it fearing it would suddenly open and some stranger would come charging at me.
    I retrieved the club and quietly closed the door. I felt so much better from the feel of the cold metal of in my hand. I headed back down the hall to the bathroom door. I stood beside of it listening for any movement.
    I could not hear anything in there, not so much as a breath. I was actually starting to get angry. I felt I had been through enough of this shit. I took a deep breath and turned the handle, pushing hard, almost throwing the door with enough force that I knew the handle would dent the wall. The door banged loudly as it did precisely that, leaving a round imprint. The pressure was so great from the door that the shower curtain blew away from the tub; its movement startled me.
    “Who’s in here?” I asked in a very unfriendly tone, raising the golf club into the air, ready to strike if I had to.
    My voice echoed loudly throughout the bathroom. I heard a bit of a sound, like wind escaping or maybe it seemed more like a long deep breath. I held mine. I wanted to hear everything. I was getting tired of the fear, of the seemingly endless games. I just knew in my heart that something was there, and whatever it was, it was definitely messing with me.
    I saw the shower curtain flutter again, as though there was a breeze passing through it, even though there were no windows in the bathroom. I stood my ground even though my heart was thumping so hard I could feel it moving my chest with each beat.
    I walked over to shower curtain. It was almost completely drawn closed. I slowly reached for it, grabbed the edge of it, and then quickly, I pulled it completely open. The tub was empty. I let out a long sigh of relief, and then took a couple more long deep breaths, exhaling very slowly. It helped to slow my heartbeat down to a more comfortable level.
    I stepped in front of the vanity to look into the mirror. My eyes looked like those of a crazed maniac holding a golf club in the air. I stared at myself just shaking my head at myself.
    “What is your deal today Jolene?” I said sternly to my reflection as if it could actually answer me.
    Then I heard a raspy, very loud whisper directly into left my ear as though someone was standing very close, right next to me.
    The voice came from seemingly nowhere. I could see from my reflection in the mirror there was no one standing beside me. It startled me so much my knees buckled, had I not grabbed the edge of the vanity to steady myself, I would certainly have fallen to the floor.
    The voice I heard had such a mean tone that it had chilled me to the bone. I felt a cold rush of air on the side of my head as though someone was breathing icy breaths on my cheek. I could even feel the pause between breaths. The suddenness of it had startled me so much I had dropped my golf club. I quickly bent down to retrieve my precious weapon even though I could not see anyone to use it on, it still felt very good in my hand.
    I straightened back up and saw myself in the mirror. I knew my reflection was telling me that I was standing there by myself but I still couldn’t help glancing directly beside me and all around the room.
    I was alone in the room. I laid my hand to my cheek where I had felt the breaths. My cheek was very cold to the touch.
    I glanced back at my reflection one more time and for a moment, just for a thousandth of a second I thought I saw another face looking back at me. It was not a face of a normal person. It was distorted, as if I were looking into one of those weird mirrors in the fun house at a carnival, and then it was gone again.
    It was so quick, I could not be absolutely sure if it had actually been there at all. I continued staring into the mirror; I was in too much shock to move right at that moment.
    It finally dawned on me to move my feet and get myself away from the mirror. I really did not want to see anymore if I could prevent it. I was shook up enough.
    I ran out of the bathroom pulling the door shut behind me. I headed for the stairs. I didn’t know where I was running to at that moment; all I remember was that I needed to get some distance between myself and that bathroom.
    If you would like to read more, check out the “look inside” of Beyond The Lennox Haunting, the haunting of me, vol 2 on Amazon. This is based on a true story that began in a home I had lived in a few years beforehand in the town of Lennox.

  3. Great round-up, Tui! Thanks for including my experiences in Bardstown on your ghost tour. I’ve really enjoyed the articles.

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