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Traveler’s Show & Tell: Volcanoes, Jazz and Romance on the Road

Manhattan skyscrapers. (photo by Tui Snider)
Manhattan skyscrapers. (photo by Tui Snider)

Welcome to the December 10, 2011 edition of Traveler’s Show & Tell

This week’s Traveler’s Show & Tell blog carnival features seven bloggers whose posts take us all over the world:

  • Andarin shows us one of San Francisco’s best kept secrets in a photo essay.
  • Michael Turtle takes us to a biblical amusement park in South America.
  • Bastiann Reinink shares a romantic travel tale in which he becomes, “the perfect boyfriend for a day.”
  • Chad Claeyssen relives the Mount Saint Helens explosion in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Johnny Snelgrove riffs on the state of jazz in Africa.
  • Abram shares photos and insider tips for visiting the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.
  • Abundant Journeys describes four popular recreation parks in Dubai.
  • This Week’s Travel Photo

    OK, I confess: I’m one of those folks who walks around Manhattan with their head tipped back, gawking at all the tall buildings, and shooting picture after picture. I snapped this one near Grand Central Station on my latest trip to NYC.

    This Week’s Travelers

    Andarin presents Why Coit Tower is one of San Francisco’s Best-Kept Secrets (A Photo Essay) posted at Byteful Travel, saying,

    “Such a view of San Francisco I’d never seen before, even from an airplane. Here at the observation deck, the entire skyline was wrapped around me like a blanket, and through windows I could see slices of that skyline in small portions.”

    Michael Turtle presents The New Touristament posted at Time Travel Turtle : Stories from the world, saying,

    “The entire theme park has been made into ye olde biblical village, designed to make visitors feel as if they have been transported back to the time of the New Testament. Even the staff are dressed as Roman soldiers or peasant women. Peasant women with mobile phones, apparently. …it took God six days to create the universe but you can experience it in just 20 minutes through a sound and light extravaganza. There’s also the Last Supper show (also with sound and light) and the Nativity scene.”

    Bastiaan Reinink presents 24 hours of love posted at Perpetual Wonder, saying,

    “24 hours of South America. I’ve fallen in love. I’ve broken my heart. Could the next 24 hours please be a little bit less eventful?”

    Chad Claeyssen presents Mt. Saint Helens Volcano posted at The Road Dog Blog, saying,

    “In addition to pretty scenery, I learned a great story of the volcano, the people there and the awesome power of mother nature…I thought that Mount Saint Helens was so interesting, that I returned twice, bringing others to show them the surreal landscape. They were as awe struck as I was.”

    Johnny Snelgrove presents Swing the Cape! posted at The Saltiest Minstrel, saying,

    “The mechanism behind jazz’s arrival in Cape Town seems a bit less triumphant and liberating than at first glance. Whether or not the need for restaurant jazz really drove the jazz community in Cape Town is still open for interpretation. This is just my take on what seems likely. However it happened, jazz is alive and well in Cape Town today. “

    “I’m a modern day wandering minstrel.”

    Abram presents The Egyptian Museum, Ancient Egypt History posted at About Egypt, saying,

    “on the northern fringe of Midan Tahrir is of the world’s great museums. An extensive building & massive collection of Egyptian antiquities, the Museum (also often known as the “Cairo Museum”) is truly a location in its own right,with at least 136,000 items on display”

    AbundantJourneys presents Amusement parks – Four Hotspots of Dubai posted at Life Is Full of Bloom, saying,

    “[Here] are the top four recreational parks in Dubai that are a must visit for all.”

    That’s it for this week’s blog carnival, Traveler’s Show & Tell.

    As always, if you enjoyed it, let us know in the comments section. Also, please let the author know you liked their piece by leaving a comment at their blog. See you next time! :)

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  2. Thank you for including us. Love your Dallas site… when you want any help just let me know – I’m in Collin County. Cheers.

    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic

      Hi Shonda,

      I didn’t realize you were in Texas, too. Thanks for checking out the Dallas site. It’s in its infancy, as you can see!

      Nice to meet you, neighbor! :) Hope to see you here again.


  3. Tui! An awesome carnival, as usual. Thanks so much for including me. Hopefully, by the next edition will have gotten its issues worked out and it’ll be easier on you. :)

    Thanks again and may you have an amazing holiday and new year!

    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic

      Hi Andarin,

      Dang – you are fast! I had barely hit “publish” when your comment popped up.

      I’m really happy with the stories in this edition.

      Thanks for joining in and happy holidays back atcha! :)

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