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Traveler’s Show & Tell: High Tea, Haunted Hotels & Left-Handed Pencils

My red painted toes reflected in a Venice mask shop. (photo by Tui Cameron)
My red painted toes reflected in a Venice mask shop. (photo by Tui Cameron)

Traveler’s Show & Tell – 21st Edition

Welcome to this week’s Traveler’s Show & Tell blog carnival. As usual, I have contributed a photo to accompany the best travel-related blog posts I received this week. Read on for a virtual trip to San Francisco, Marrakesh, Australia, the most-haunted hotels in the USA, and more.

This Week’s Photo

Sometimes it’s hard taking photos through shop windows without getting unwanted reflections of yourself and passersby. I decided to play with that while in Venice, after noticing that the color of my toenail polish went well with the masks in the window.

1. “The End of Vacation” by Paula Puffer

Paula Puffer presents a post laden with gorgeous photos called The End of Vacation posted at Don’t Be a Picklebump, saying,

My sweetie and I took a trip down to Galveston to check out the Railroad Museum. It was a good date for both of us. I got to take pictures (well so did he) but he got to indulge in all things mechanical (which he loves). We got some great pictures!”

2. “In and Around Jmaa El Fna: Marrakech, Morocco” by Grant Ward

Grant Ward presents In and Around Jmaa El Fna: Marrakech, Morocco June 2011 posted at 12 Homes 12 Months, saying,

“I have sold my house,car,furniture and what I have left I’ve given to Friends and charity. My mission is to find the best place in the world to live(for me).I want to live authentically and in the moment and experience cultures different to mine. 12 homes in 12 months is my journey. [This particular post is about] coming to some kind of understanding of the in-your-face atmosphere surrounding Jmaa El Fna, Marrakech”

3. “Here, they serve you tea” by Emma Shoshanna

Emma Shoshanna presents Here, they serve you tea posted at The Girl with the Traveling Blue Shoes, saying,

” I mulled over alternate possibilities for my day’s itinerary. Uncharacteristically, no part of me wished to tackle touristy plans. I, rather, wished to test out an Eastern surburbs’s day (I live in Bondi Junction, the Eastern suburbs of Sydney). I normally play tourist. Today, I would play real Australian. I suddenly knew exactly where I would go.”

4. “Five Quintessentially English Places to Enjoy High Tea in High Summer” Phil Byrne

Phil Byrne presents 5 Quintessentially English Places to Enjoy High Tea in High Summer posted at Cheap Hotel Chains, saying:

“Could there be anything more English than High Tea? Tea has been important to the English for centuries, and it remains so to this day. However, as any true tea connoisseur knows only too well, there is tea and then there is tea.”

5. “Beijing Duck” by Brendon

Brendon presents Beijing Duck posted at ChinaTravelGo, saying,

“If there is one dish you must eat when you travel to China, it is the famous Beijing duck. This article is about the history of this dish, how to eat it and how to make it.”

6. “Exploring Pier 39, Chinatown, & My Own Personal Parade in San Francisco” by Byteful Travel

Byteful Travel presents Exploring Pier 39, Chinatown, & My Own Personal Parade in San Francisco, CA posted at Byteful Travel, saying,

“Before I actually went and wandered the streets myself, I never realized how dynamic and incredible San Francisco can truly be. Today’s story is a retelling of my first visit to San Francisco on my epic West Coast Journey. And as it turned out, I’d picked just about the perfect day to begin my San Francisco explorations, and not just because it felt like a parade was thrown in my honor… but we’ll get to that.

7. “A Family-Friendly Montana Dude Ranch” by Beth Blair

Beth Blair presents Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge: A Family-Friendly Montana Dude Ranch posted at The Vacation Gals, saying,

“Never have I experienced a place where kids can roam freely while parents play a game of tennis or go horseback riding. In fact, I didn’t think it was possible such a place existed. But it does. It’s called Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge – a Montana dude ranch  located in Bigfork, Montana…The family-friendly ranch boasts a 60 to 80 percent guest return rate. After you experience everything the ranch has to offer you will know why. This all-inclusive lakeside ranch is like heaven on earth.”

8. “America’s 15 Creepiest Haunted Hotels” by Teri

Teri presents America’s 15 Creepiest Haunted Hotels posted at Haunting America. Number One on the list is the Stanley Hotel, which is the setting Stephen King chose for his book The Shining. As Teri says:

“Looking to go on a haunted road trip?  Here is a collection of some of the creepiest places to stay in the United States.

Did you enjoy this week’s Show & Tell?

That’s it for this week’s blog carnival, Traveler’s Show & Tell. As always, if you enjoyed it, let us know in the comments section. Also, please let the author know you liked their piece by leaving a comment at their blog. See you next week! :)

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