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The Church by The Diner next to The Porch

Not surprisingly, I see a lot of churches here in Texas, but I found this one quite intriguing. Did you notice the barely legible ‘no trespassing’ sign on it? Inside there were folding chairs in rows, a lot of cardboard boxes, and a chainsaw sitting on a crate. It smelled like a garage.

Across from the church was a little place called The Diner where we grabbed some fried chicken. We got it to go because the tiny place was packed. There were 7 men in total, and 5 of them were wearing cowboy hats as they ate. Guess it’s not considered rude to keep them on.

Of the 5 cowboy-hatted men, 4 of them also wore Bluetooth headsets. This put the phrase “Bluetooth cowboy” in my head, which somehow morphed into the song “Rhinestone Cowboy,” which flitted through my brain for much of the day. I was too chicken to whip out my camera and snap a photo in the diner, but I wish I had now. I’ve gotta get better at that.

The tiny parking lot was jammed, too. I’m not sure who was driving what, but there was an interesting assortment of vehicles. The Hummer seemed nearly as big as the interior of the restaurant.

Across from The Diner, and just around the corner from the church, was this porch, which – if I’m counting correctly – has enough chairs on it for at least 8 people to sit and rock simultaneously. I wonder if there is ever a sunny afternoon during which this porch experiences full rocking capacity. That’s something I’d like to see.

We eventually made it to Possum Kingdom, even though our British-voiced GPS lady made sure we took the long way. Must be how she gets her kicks. I did not see any mink-robed rodents on thrones in PK, alas. I did spot a black helicopter on our way back. Turns out there’s a Vietnam War museum/Meditation Garden somewhere along the way.

I have since found a song titled ‘Possum Kingdom,’ which was released in 1995 by a Fort Worth band called The Toadies. You can watch their eerie video for it here. According to an interview with the lead singer, the lyrics were inspired by the tall tales he’d hear around campfires and at bbq’s growing up about vampires and other creepy goings on around Possum Kingdom.

Overall, it wasn’t the best day for taking photos. The sky mostly glowered and spat, keeping the best light to itself. Even so, I am still curious about Possum Kingdom, and hope to return when it’s sunny.

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  1. Hi There…..Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a comment. How COOL that you lived in Italy and now are in Texas. The Possum Kingdom post was wonderful. Love you views on the diner, bluetooth cowboys, etc. PRICELESS. Now I’m going to go read some more of your blog! Hope to see you back in mine soon. I’ve been slow about posting but have some good ones in store! Happy Spring from Houston!

  2. Gil Gil

    Looks like a real nice 57 Ford in the Hummer picture. Great photos!

  3. I loved this blog. I love quaint little places like these and that they were all in a stone’s throw made it even better. At first when you mentioned Possum Kingdom I had no idea it was a real place. I looked it up though. If you go to the site there is a picture of the lake with what looks like a stone gate with an opening. In one of the pictures it mentioned Hell’s Gate, so maybe that it’s name? Did you actually get to that area and get any pictures. I wanted to go to Texas already, since it is where I was born, but now I really want to go because I want to see that with my own eyes. I think I will plan a trip for Texas and Oklahoma, maybe on the same trip I decide to go see the Grand Canyon. Seeing the pictures almost makes me homesick for that area. I grew up at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. (ages 7-14) Anyway, thanks for the great blog. Very enjoyable.

  4. Rev. Joy Rev. Joy

    Nice! Dining al fresco in Possum Kingdom, who knew? Perhaps that porch could take the excess patrons, or maybe the Hummer? Get thee to the Double J Art Ranch in Mineral Wells, lots of history, photo ops and..oh yes, great people and music!

    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic

      When I saw Rev. Joy I thought perhaps you were the minister at that little church shack in the photo! Thanks for the recommendation about Mineral Wells! Ciao bella! :) ~Tui

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