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Row80: Focused, not Fuzzy for Round 3

Interesting fortune cookie for a writer. (photo by Tui Snider)
Interesting fortune cookie for a writer. (photo by Tui Snider)

ROW80 Round 2: Fun, but Fuzzy

As some of you may recall, I ended round 2 of ROW80 realizing that I need clarity. Don’t get me wrong, round 2 was inspiring, but that inspiration sent my creative self spinning off into many different directions. My creativity got fuzzy and frayed.

I ended ROW80 Round 2 with the realization that – while it’s nice to be full of ideas – I need to set clear, concise goals so that I can conquer my writing projects one at a time.

My ROW80 Round 3 Goals:

ROW80 Check-ins: I will do one ROW80 check-in each week. I’m going to aim for a Wednesday-ish check-in. (Today is Thursday, for instance, which – to me – qualifies as Wednesday-ish!)

Two blog posts per week: I will post at least twice a week on this blog – hopefully more. One post, of course, will be my ROW80 check-in. The other will be whatever I’m inspired to crank out on Monday, which is my day off.

Candace Havens Fast Draft: I found Ms. Havens mighty inspiring at the classes she taught at the DFW Writer’s Conference back in May. As a result, I’ve signed up for her Fast Draft class. This means I’ll be writing 5,000 words per day for the next two weeks, then spending the following two weeks revising that mess of words. I even managed to lure my two uber-inspirational writing pals, Morgan Dragonwillow and Nicole Rivera, to take the Fast Draft plunge with me. I’m so excited!

ROW80 commenting: I will comment on at least 10 other ROW80 participant’s blogs each Monday. I will also promote posts that I find helpful and inspiring throughout the week.

Comment on commenters: Each Monday, I will comment upon the blogs of everyone who has commented on my website. I truly appreciate when people make the effort to comment on my blog. It means a lot to me, so I like to return the favor.

Explore Texas: Sunday is my big play-day. Sunday is when the hubby and I drive around the Lone Star state looking for interesting things to photograph, eat and share with others. Not only is this good research for writing projects, but it’s also a healthy break from our day jobs and drudgery in general.

StoryDam Chat: I will continue to lead #StoryDam chat from 8-9pm CST on Twitter each Thursday evening. If you’re a writer, please join us. It’s a fun, friendly group and it always leaves me smiling and inspired.

What do you think?

So… Those are my goals this time around. Do they seem clear and concise to you? If any of the above seems fuzzy to you, let me know!

In the meantime, here are some other ROW80 writers to visit and comment on:

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  1. 5000 words per day?? Wow, that’s awesome.
    Your Sundays sound really really exciting. Looking forward to the photos!

  2. Wasn’t Candace wonderful at DFWCon? I am not doing Fast Draft yet. It simply won’t work for me in the summer, so maybe I’ll join up with a fall class if she has one. Best wishes with that! It’s ambitious, but challenging ourselves can be very rewarding.

    And enjoy your day trips around Texas. I love my Lone Star home state, so I’ll be checking back here to see what you discover!

    Happy ROW80!

  3. Sounds pretty clear to me! Glad you were able to find some clarity around your goals. I am planning on participating in Row80 but have yet to write my post with my goals for this round.

    Very happy you decided to share the Fast Draft class with Nicole and I. I can’t wait to see how well this works out. I am excited to begin tomorrow.


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