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Quirky Travel: from Bizarre Toilets to Moongates in Bermuda

Quirky robot in Jefferson, TX (photo by Tui Snider)
Quirky robot in Jefferson, TX (photo by Tui Snider)

Welcome to the Quirky Travel blog carnival

I’m proud to present a brand new blog carnival highlighting quirky, offbeat and overlooked travel destinations. In this first edition, you will learn about bizarre toilets, a bike trip through tree tops, what the heck a “moon gate” is and much, much, more. Read on:

Vicky Philpott presents 25 Weird Toilets Around the World posted at Hostel Bookers, saying,

“I’ve scoured the world for the best pictures of the weirdest toilets out there. Although, what’s weird to me sat here in my London office with a sit down western-style flushing toilet down the corridor, might be the most normal toilet in the world to you out there squatting over your long drop. Either way, here are some cool toilets from around the world (photo essay).”

Land Lopers presents What’s a Moon Gate and Why Are There So Many on Bermuda? posted at Land Lopers, saying,

“These odd gates quickly became a favorite sight of mine on the island, I found them everywhere from prominent spots to the most unlikely of locations. I also grew to love them, not because I secretly hoped they would light up when I walked through them but because of their odd history.”

Jack & Jill Travel present Flying Through Treetops – On a Bike! posted at Jack & Jill Travel, saying,

“VeloVolant allows you to pedal a bike-like contraption through the forest canopy: while being suspended up to 100 ft high above the ground!”

Piano house in Texas (photo by Tui Snider)
Piano house in Texas (photo by Tui Snider)

Sheila A. Scarborough presents Urban bike-sharing helps you see the sights posted at Perceptive Travel Blog, saying,

“Take advantage of public bike-sharing programs like San Antonio’s B-cycle to see the sights more efficiently (and it’s more fun!)”

Vanessa Morgan presents Tashirojima – the cat island posted at Traveling Cats, saying,

“Tashirojima is a small island with around 150 cats for 70 inhabitants. The cats were imported to chase the mice that harmed the silk production. The island doesn’t produce silk anymore, but the cats have stayed. Tashirojima is now known as the cat island.”

Zhu presents Stuff We Learned in Australia posted at Correr Es Mi Destino, saying,

“Aus­tralians love signs and warn­ings — I have never seen a coun­try with so many signs, warn­ing you of all kinds of things. High surf, rocks or coconuts falling, high pedes­trian activ­ity, slip­pery rocks, uneven ground, edge, cliffs, water… all that deserve a big warn­ing sign, dis­played promi­nently.”

Lady dressed up for Flag Day in Texas (photo by Tui Snider)
Lady dressed up for Flag Day in Texas (photo by Tui Snider)

Jessie presents Traveler’s Guide To Quirky Taiwan posted at Jessie on a Journey, saying,

“For those looking for an unusual travel experience, Taiwan is full of them. As you wander the streets of the various cities and villages keep your eyes open, as you can easily find something bizarre on every corner (honestly, it was difficult for me to narrow down this list to just 12). After touring the country for two weeks, here are my top picks for quirky things to do in Taiwan.”

Becky Padmore presents Quirky Places to Stay posted at Global Grasshopper, saying,

“Are you looking for a hotel with a difference? Somewhere with personality and character? We’ve put together a list of five beautifully quirky places to stay around the world…”

Zoë Dawes presents 7 quirky things to do on the Isle of Man posted at The Quirky Traveller, saying,

“Floating in the Irish Sea about 60 miles off the Lancashire – Cumbria coast, en route to the United States, this tiny island has an ancient history that belies its size. With so many attractions for people of all ages, a weekend is not nearly long enough. I visited the island as a child and chose to return on a blog trip when I won ‘Britain’s Best Travel Blogger 2011′. Here are my 7 quirky things to do on the Isle of Man.”

Share your Quirky Travels in Upcoming Editions

Have you blogged about an offbeat, quirky, unusual or bizarre travel destination? If so, submit your blog article to the next edition of Quirky Travel using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.


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