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O is for One Arm Dove Hunt

One Arm Dove Hunt in Olney, TX (photo by Tui Snider)
One Arm Dove Hunt in Olney, TX (photo by Tui Snider)

The One Arm Dove Hunt in Olney, Texas

In 1972, while hanging out at the local drugstore, Olney residents, Jack Northrup and Jack Bishop, decided to have a little fun with strangers seated nearby who were obviously eavesdropping on them. I should add that around the town of Olney, Northrup and Bishop are known as the “One Armed Jacks” since both men are missing upper-limbs.

It all started with a joke…

The two Jacks began describing how much they enjoy hunting with bolt-action rifles and muzzle-loaded shotguns. Although they kept straight faces, this was a joke; it’s impossible to shoot either of those guns with only one arm.

10 Cents per Finger Breakfast & other Traditions

What started as a bit of mischief has grown into an annual tradition in Olney. Every September, the city hosts its One Arm Dove Hunt. This two-day festival includes events such as a one-armed skeet shoot, a one-armed horseshoe tossing, a one-armed cow-chip tossing, as well as a “10 cents per finger” breakfast.

And, yes, there actually is a dove hunt, although the hunting contests are beside the point. The main purpose of this unique festival is to provide fun and fellowship for men, women, and children who are missing upper-limbs.

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  1. You have certainly found some obscure things! Who knew a practical joke could be turned into an annual festival?

  2. Tui, Hilarious…Now I just have to go to this quirky little Texan town. This is the kind of stuff I absolutely love!

  3. Very cool, and it seems very Texan to turn this “disability” into a yearly challenge and tradition!

  4. What an amazing tradition! And so cool that it started as a joke conversation.

  5. Fun and fellowship for men, women, and children — that is precisely what I like most about festivals introducing me to various traditions. A great way to learn about our fellow earthlings. Thanks for including this story.
    Had fun chatting on AZchat today.

    Silvia @

  6. What an awesome tradition! I love that you are doing a travel theme! Maybe next year, I’ll try for a theme. ;)

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