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  1. This is great. I bought your “Understanding Cemetery Symbols”. It is really helpful.
    I also ordered the other books, but this is the first I’ve heard since. So I’m involved in family research and expect you will be a great help.

    • Hi, Jerry! I’m so glad that you are finding “Understanding Cemetery Symbols” to be a helpful book. That’s exactly why I wrote it! I continue to study the topic and will be sharing more about it in future emails. Thanks again! :D

  2. Nancy Khaleel Nancy Khaleel

    I like this new format. Very simple. I hope I’m staying on the list for your other emails. I really enjoy them.

    • Yay! Thanks, Nancy. Yes, by clicking this link, you’ll be on all the rest of the emails. (Well, you won’t be on the “Writing Tips” one, unless you also clicked on that link.) Thanks again! :D

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