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New Year? New Reads! Blog Hop Your Way through these 99 Cent Book Deals!

Did Santa give you a gift card?

Whoo hoo! The party is on, y’all! A whole bunch of authors, including me, have put their books on sale for 99 cents so you can celebrate the new year with some new reads! So, if Santa tucked a gift card in your stocking, take a moment to check out the books I’m offering, then hop your way through the links at the bottom of this post to see what other authors have for you today!

Psst! If you’re on Twitter or Instagram, help spread the word using the hashtag #NewBooks4Me.


I’m offering these books for 99 cents through January 3rd:

1. A Travel Guide to Haunted Hot Spots:

Click here for Paranormal Texas – If you like ghost stories about real haunted houses and the supernatural, check out Paranormal Texas:

Not only does Tui Snider (hey, that’s me!) share haunted history behind the ghost stories and paranormal activity in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, but she gives directions to haunted houses, businesses, and other supernatural hot spots you can visit in person, such as the:

*Amusement Park where a Little Girl Haunts the Candy Store
*Country Graveyard with a Mysteriously Glowing Tombstone
*Hotel so Haunted that a University Teaches Parapsychology there
*Elevator that Opens By Itself when Pretty Women Walk By
*Historic Cemetery where People get EVP’s & Orbs in Broad Daylight
*Ghost Town with an Operatic Apparition & a Haunted Restaurant
*B&B with a Gentlemanly Ghost who seems Protective of Women
*Theater that Kept its Resident Ghost in Mind when Remodeling
*Historic Town Squares where nearly Every Shop has a Ghost

2. A Strange-but-True slice of True Crime History:


Click here for The Lynching of the Santa Claus Bank Robber – Around noon on December 23, 1927 Santa Claus visited the town of Cisco, Texas – but he did not come bearing candy or gifts. No, this particular Santa was there to rob a bank. After a shootout riddling the bank with no less than 200 bullet holes, a car chase, and the abduction of two little girls, this bad Santa became the focus of one of the largest manhunts in Texas state history…
But the story does not end there. Tui Snider’s extensive research includes quotes from eyewitnesses, photos, and a myriad of quirky facts to round out this strange-but-true crime story. Along the way, the author discovered some intriguing loose ends, clues pointing to a mysterious blonde woman causing her to wonder: Did the notorious Santa and his crew have a female helper, and did she get away with murder?


Check out the rest! There’s a wide variety of genres:

Use the blog hop below to check out the offerings from authors, with genres ranging from paranormal and fantasy, to quirky travel, epic sci fi and even true crime!

Quick little teaser promo:

Here’s a 45-second teaser promo telling you about all the books available for New Year New Reads:

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Click through this list for more 99 cent books to read:

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