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Mental Mosaic: New Tagline, New Directions for 2011

I have been blogging at Mental Mosaic since March 9th (my birthday) of 2007. I chose the name “Mental Mosaic” because I didn’t want to limit my blog topics.

Mental Mosaic - the original header from 2007. Photo by Tui Cameron
Mental Mosaic - the original header from 2007. Photo by Tui Cameron

I also love mosaics, both figuratively and literally. I like the idea of taking one’s pieces and rearranging them into something new and even beautiful. That’s why my first tagline was:

Pick up your pieces; Make something pretty.

Life can shatter a person in so many ways. It’s what we do with ourselves afterwards that matters.

I like that idea, don’t you?

Rght away, this blog connected me to some really cool people I might never have met any other way: Sheila, Elizabeth, Jyllian and Michelle to name a few. I love all the beauty and insight that they bring to my life!

When I moved to Italy, Mental Mosaic became more travel-oriented. Naples is a fascinating place, and there was a lot to blog about. I connected with some cool expats, which made my work-at-home existence much more fun and kept me feeling connected. I worked as a transcriptionist (‘cuz I type like a mo-fo), but slowly began doing more and more travel writing, until last year, when writing became my primary moneystream.

A lot has happened since my baby blog was born. I am back in the states now, living in Texas with my fiance for one thing, and now I write for a living. I recently gave Mental Mosaic a makeover and have been tweaking ideas for a new tagline. So far, I like:

Mindful Travel: Even Home is a Travel Destination.

What do you think?

This still gives me leeway for many different topics, but fits well with my interests, which boil down to strategies for enjoying the ride while traveling through life. I truly feel that even home is a travel destination. As I wrote on my contact/bio page:

After all, if the thrill of travel consisted merely of getting from one place to another, no one would ever complain about their commute, would they?

For 2011, I plan to blog 3 times a week at Mental Mosaic, as well as adding interviews and guest posts from other bloggers and cool people I’ve met offline. I plan to devote more time to this blog, to tend it like a garden.

Mental Mosaic is about travel, but in a broad sense. I am currently working on 2 other sites that directly hone in on specific geographical areas (Texas and Italy – not too surprisingly!) in a more literal sense, explaining what to see and do.

Mental Mosaic, however, is a place for the internal side of travel. You know how, after a trip, you sometimes need time to process everything you experienced? This site is about the processing part of one’s travels through life, whether across several time zones, or merely across town.

At times, too, I will post articles about travel tips in a literal sense. At other times, the connection to travel will be more Zen. I also have a deep love of both the absurd and the profound, and am often profoundly absurd. In other words, I am a goofball at heart, so this blog is also an outlet for me to showcase the absurdities of human existence whenever possible. I’m not sure why I sound so serious about it. It’s like when you are at a social gathering and suddenly you don’t know what to do with your hands. Ask anyone who knows me. I love to laugh, snicker, chortle and guffaw.

Say, do you come here often? If so, what keeps you coming back? If this is your first time here, I hope you will subscribe to my RSS and let me keep on feeding you! Whatever the case, thank you for visiting Mental Mosaic – Mindful Travel: Even Home is a Travel Destination. Let me know what you think. Don’t be shy. I would love hear from you!

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  1. Tui, I keep coming back because you are so interesting. You have a thoughtful and inventive mind and you are different but in a good way!

    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic

      Homebody at Heart, Thank you so much! I wasn’t fishing for compliments when I wrote that post. I was trying to be more focused with this blog, but #1 The compliments are really encouraging me to keep on keeping on, and #2 maybe I don’t need to worry so much about being more focused here. Happy New Year! :) ~Tui

  2. What keeps me coming back? Hmmm…I just enjoy your point of view and the fact that we comment back and forth. It’s nice to have a reciprocal blogging experience. I put as a goal on my “101 in 1001” that I would visit more blogs and get to know some new people and new blogs. I tried at the beginning of my challenge to visit other blogs and would comment and encourage reciprocation, but there are a lot of “blog snobs” out there that really just want the attention all to themselves, so I find myself sticking to my tried and true blog friends. An interesting fact is this: If while I’m in Blogger, I click on next blog it will take me to blogs written in Spanish. Yes, my name has Spanish roots, but it is actually a Filipino name. And NO…I don’t speak or read Spanish, LOL. If I keep clicking it will eventually lead me to a blog written in English, but it is somewhat annoying because it ruins the blog jumping experience for me. Now, when I want to look at new blogs I go to Nablopomo and click the random blog button.
    I like the new name. Home IS a travel destination, too!

    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic

      Sheila, How interesting that Blogger assumes you are Spanish. I find computer presumptions rather annoying. Sometimes I just want a truly random experience. Oh, glad you like the new tagline. :) ~Tui

  3. Gil Gil

    I originally came here to bug you with questions about Naples and the garbage situation a few years back. I keep coming back because I find your writing very interesting. Belated Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you!!!

    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic

      Hi Gil – Oh, the garbage situation, eh? Thank you so much for your kind comments. I love all this encouragement, actually. Really gets me revved up about the year to come! :) ~Tui

  4. Why do I come back?? Because I like your style. Maybe I’ve missed something, but until NaBloPoMo and Reverb10, I haven’t found many women of a certain age who are writing blogs. I don’t relate to the Mommy Bloggers, I don’t have kids. And while I know you have at least one step-child, you see that you have more than one dimension. And you have an authentic voice. That I appreciate more than anything else.

    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic

      Thank you, Paula! I enjoy your blog for the the same reasons you mention about mine. I think we’re both interested in the “inner journey” if you know what I mean? ~Tui

  5. I love the new direction; I come here for your unique perspective on things ordinary and extraordinary…and I have a feeling that won’t change :) Auguri di buone feste!

    • mentalmosaic mentalmosaic

      Ciao Michelle – Thanks for the compliment! Tanti auguri anche a te! :) ~Tui

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