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#LangdonReview #VisitGranbury Come to My Senses – a dream pop debut by Tui Snider

Album inspired by the Langdon Review

For today’s update, I wanted to briefly touch on my music. My debut album is called “Come to My Senses” and features 10 original songs that I wrote and performed using mostly guitar, clarinet, flute, and synthesizers. This album was inspired by my writing residency in Granbury, Texas for the Langdon Review.

I’m no good at figuring out genres, but listeners tell me it’s: mystical, ethereal, dream pop, folk, folktronica.  What do you think? Take a listen and tell me in a comment below.

[This post is part of a series of daily updates as the 2016 Writer-in-Residence for the Langdon Review. If you missed a day, or this is your first time here, click here to see the other posts.]550-Photo show- CD

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No matter where you live in the galaxy, Tui's books can take you on a FUN adventure!
No matter where you live in the galaxy, Tui Snider’s books can take you on a FUN adventure!

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