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Have you tried Digital Scrapbooking?

A new type of travel journal

When I travel, I often pack a glue stick and scissors so I can make a scrapbook journal using maps, tickets, brochures, etc. For my upcoming round-the-world trip, however, I’m trying something new (at least to me!) I’m going to create a digital travel scrapbook!


Best of both worlds?

I’m really excited about this! I usually end up with a paper scrapbook, a printed photo book, and a written journal for each trip. A digital scrapbook means I can easily incorporate my photos and travel ephemera directly into my written journal.

Easy to share

Another plus is that I can easily share this digital scrapbook with friends and family. Which got me to thinking: why stop there? That’s why I decided that my Patreon supporters at the $2 Life Ring AND the $5 Boatswain level will receive a copy of my private digital scrapbook. (If you’d like a copy, check out my Patreon page.)

No fancy software

I played around with a bunch of ideas today and it’s a blast! You can see a couple of sample pages from my experiments today in the image above. I also experimented with adding my own photos to the digital scrapbook and they look good, too. I’m not using any fancy software for this, either!

Won’t be published

Even though I plan to publish a book of the same name after my trip, that project will be a more polished and traditional book. It will be much less personal, image-laden, and experimental than this private edition. (I will have photos in my published travel memoir, but it would be too costly to publish the private version that I’ll be creating along the way.)

What about you?

Do you keep travel journals? Have you tried your hand at digital scrapbooking? If so, what works for you?

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