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Guest Post: How Does a Pantser Reach the End? by Patricia Josephine

Check out my friend’s new book: Mistakes of the Past

I’m always excited when my friends release books. Case in point: Patricia Josephine. She recently published a YA science fiction romance called Mistakes of the Past. Whoo hoo! Go, Patty! 

Who is Patricia Josephine?

Like me, Patricia is intrigued by haunted places, UFO sightings, the paranormal, and other eerie fodder. She writes Young Adult stories that often feature paranormal beings struggling with human issues. 

Mistakes of the Past (c) Patricia Josephine
Mistakes of the Past (c) Patricia Josephine

We met on Twitter!

Patricia and I met through a weekly writing chat on Twitter. The chat is called #StoryDam and if you wonder why I mention it so often on my blog it’s because it’s such a fun group.

If you’re a writer, drop by #StoryDam 

In fact, if you’re a writer, feel free to join us by following the #StoryDam hashtag on Twitter. Doesn’t matter what you write; we welcome all styles and genres. We even have a website:

Returning the favor!

I’ve never met Patty in person, but here’s what I do know: She’s talented, hardworking, prolific, playful, kind, and supportive of other indie authors (like me!) So today, I’m returning the favor by giving her new book a shout out.

Read on to learn about Patty’s new book, as well as a little bit about her writing process in the following guest post from her:

GUEST POST: “How Does a Pantser Reach the End?” by Patricia Josephine

I’m a panster, so when I write, I don’t have an outline or even a plan for the story. What starts me is a character or a scene that excites me and I can’t get it out of my head fast enough. I start writing with zero direction. That often means I have no idea how to end the story. I don’t figure it out until I’m there, staring at the screen, and wondering how to save the day.

The ending to Mistakes of the Past went through quite a few different versions before I finally got it right. Luc went from three chances at redemptions to one, back to three, then finally one. There was a sex scene, but that got axed. Another scene moved from one location to another. Parts got cut then added back in and adjusted to fit. Whole elements that I researched were discarded. Even lines I loved didn’t make the final cut.

It was quite the evolution. Sometimes you have to fight to get it right, to find the perfect resolution that readers love. I hope this ending is one that readers will enjoy. At the very least, I enjoy the ending. That’s got to be a good sign, right?

What is Mistakes of the Past about? Read the official blurb:

Luc seeks atonement for the actions that banished him from his home. Living as a priest in a small town, he strives to show how much he’s changed with the hope that one day he can return to his family.

Haunted by the guilt that destroyed her family, Rose has shut her heart off. She vows to never let anyone near again lest she hurt them. When she meets Luc, she can’t deny the draw she feels to him.

But the past is not easily forgotten. When Luc’s past finds him, Rose is caught in the middle. Forced to face who he used to be, Luc must decide if he’s willing to give up his chance at redemption to save Rose. But doing so means he won’t be able to hide who he is. Will Rose be able to reconcile the man she knows with the devil he used to be? Or are the mistakes of the past too damning?

Where to buy Mistakes of the Past:

Amazon––  Smashwords–– B&N––  Kobo––  iTunes

Author photo (c) Patricia Josephine
Author photo (c) Patricia Josephine

Author Bio: Patricia Josephine

Patricia Josephine never set out to become a writer. In fact, she never considered it an option during high school and college. She was all about art. On a whim, she wrote down a story bouncing in her head. That was the start of it and she hasn’t regretted a moment. She writes young adult under the name Patricia Lynne.

Patricia lives with her husband in Michigan, hopes one day to have what will resemble a small petting zoo, has a fondness for dying her hair the colors of the rainbow, and an obsession with Doctor Who.

Where to find Patricia online:

Twitter —  Website — Newsletter — Books — Google+ —  Wattpad —  Goodreads


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