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Ghost Hunters: I need your advice!

Understanding Cemetery Symbols has companion workbooks!

After a lifetime of exploring historic graveyards and several years of earnest research, I’m finally releasing my cemetery symbols book this summer. Hooray!

As you can see from the image above, in addition to Understanding Cemetery Symbols: A Field Guide for Historic Graveyards, I’m releasing two different workbooks.


Paranormal Researchers: I need your input!

This is where you come in. Let me know in the comments section at the bottom of this post what you think about the following plan for Ghost Hunters Journal: A Workbook for Paranormal Investigators.

What the Ghosthunters Journal is:

Ghost Hunters Journal  is a place for you to record all your paranormal experiences – whether you’re part of a ghost hunting team, or not. This book offers a central place to keep track of your unusual experiences while the details are fresh in your mind. Having all this in a nice-looking book that you can keep in your bag or glovebox makes a fun keepsake as well as a unique reference book for you and your like-minded friends.

How big is the Ghost Hunters Journal?

I made all three of the books in this series the same size. So, just like the other two books, the Ghost Hunters Journal will be 8.5 x 5.5 inches. Personally, I love that size! It’s small enough to fit in a purse or glovebox, but large enough to comfortably write in.

Make Your Own Table of Contents

Each book has a brief introduction chapter written by me, but the rest of the book consists of journal pages for you to fill in. I thought it would be helpful, then, to set up the workbook so you can create your own table of contents!  The first 10 or so pages will be my introduction, but after that the Table of Contents is a “fill in the blank” affair. Here’s what I mean.

Ghost Hunters Journal Table of Contents:

Introduction by Tui Snider_________________________pg  1
____________________________________________________pg 11
____________________________________________________pg 13

As you fill in each entry in the workbook, you will make a title for it on the Table of Contents. You can name each chapter whatever you want! Isn’t that fun? This also makes it quick and easy for you to look up specific trips without having to thumb through the whole book.

Info on main journal pages:

For each cemetery that you visit, there is one one whole page (front and back) for you to jot down the following information. Where it says “Follow Up Trips” is where you would write down the page number for your notes on subsequent trips to the same haunted location – ‘cuz we all know that some paranormal hot spots are too active to visit just once!


DATE & TIME: ___________________________________________

PARTICIPANTS: __________________________________________


WEATHER CONDITIONS: _________________________________

PRAYER/CLEANSING:  before _____________ after ____________

FOLLOW UP TRIPS: _______________________________________

POST INVESTIGATION: ___________________________________


SESSION NOTES: _________________________________________(This is the biggest section of the page.)

What do you think?

So what do you think? Would you use a journal like this? If you think I need to add something or do it a little differently, tell me! I would really appreciate your feedback. I really want this workbook to be a helpful tool for people who enjoy historic cemeteries. Even just a quick comment or suggestion would mean a lot!

About the other workbook:

As I mentioned earlier, Understanding Cemetery Symbols has two companion workbooks. The other one is called Graveyard Journal,  and if you’d like to give me some feedback about how it’s arranged then click over and see what I’ve got planned for that one. Go here to share your ideas with me: Ghost Hunters: I need your advice!

Want to join my Launch Team?

Would you like be part of my book launch team? A book launch team is a group of readers who help an author get the word out. So, as a Launch Team member, I could tag you on Facebook when I mention the books. You could also help out by sharing my posts and telling friends about these books, etc…

Launch Team members get FREE books – just saying!

Plus, in addition to my undying gratitude, Launch Team members will be mentioned in the book’s ‘Acknowlegments,’ get copies of the books in advance, as well as other goodies along the way. I’m super excited about this book series and plan to have as much fun as possible along the way! So, if this sounds fun to you, leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you in a day or two about this whole Launch Team thing! Click here to learn more about the Launch Team

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  1. Great idea and especially for newcomers who may be a little overwhelmed with where to begin and document. Also a good place to keep photos too. Would like to be apart of your launch team. Not on facebook but I know people who are, am on Twitter and do have blog but not about ghostly stuff per se tho I have posted TV reviews etc.

  2. Pre investigation notes. To write down pre readings of temperature, emf, mirror locations, etc. A section for reported occurrences at the location. Debunking section so you can report back to the client what you found.

    • Oh, yeah! Such great ideas, Susan! Thank you for helping me make workbook a helpful tool. :D

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