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How often will I receive your newsletter?
Good question! My motto for the newsletter is to keep it infrequent-but-interesting. In other words, I won’t be filling your inbox with long-winded emails every day. Expect to hear from me roughly once a month.

Behind the scenes…
Plus, as a subscriber you will be the first to know when my next book comes out, when they go on sale, as well as any ghost hunting trips or other adventures I have planned!

My Gift to You: North Texas Paranormal Resource Guide
As a thank you for signing up to my newsletter, subscribers can download a copy of the North Texas Paranormal Resource  Guide, a 50-page ebook I created.

Why create a paranormal resource guide?
While researching haunted sites for Paranormal Texas, my quest for a concise list of active paranormal groups in north Texas left me empty-handed. I kept finding dead ends, abandoned websites, and ghost hunting groups that no longer existed. Plus, acronyms like NTPI, NPTRT, NPTP, and TPI made it downright confusing!

I originally planned to include the North Texas Paranormal Resource Guide as a section of the book Paranormal Texas. However, with more and more ghost hunting teams, haunted history tours, and paranormal expos springing up, it made sense to create a separate resource, one that can be updated periodically.

What’s in the guide?
The North Texas Paranormal Resource Guide is divided into two sections. Part One is an alphabetical listing of north Texas ghost hunting teams. Each listing includes the name of the group, the year it was founded, its email, and a brief excerpt from the team’s website. Part Two lists haunted history tours, and is alphabetically arranged by city.

Did I miss anything?
My goal for the North Texas Paranormal Resource Guide is to provide helpful information and save you time. While I have done my best to include every ghost hunting team and haunted history tour currently available in north Texas, I probably missed a few.

Drop me a line!
If you know of any ghost hunting groups, haunted history tours, cemetery tours, paranormal expos, meet-up, or other goodies that should be added, please send an email to TuiSnider @ gmail [dot] com with the subject “Paranormal Resource Guide,” and I will include that info in the next edition.

Great! How do I sign up & claim my FREE book?
Yay! Glad to have you along for the ride. To sign up for the newsletter, simply scroll down and enter your name and email in the form below. Thanks!

In the meantime, happy ghost hunting!
~ Tui Snider

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