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Understanding Cemetery Symbols – Interviews, News & Reviews!

Understanding Cemetery Symbols – Interviews, News & Reviews!

After a lifetime of exploring historic graveyards and several years of earnest research, I released Understanding Cemetery Symbols: A Field Guide for Historic Graveyards on August 19th, 2017. Hooray!

It went to #1 in at least two categories on Amazon straight off the bat! Wheee!

Interviews, Reviews & News for Understanding Cemetery Symbols:

As interviews happen and reviews roll in for my new book,Understanding Cemetery Symbols I’ll share them on this page. Here’s what’s happened, so far:

Coming soon: Interview with radio host, Jim Harold
I don’t know the air-date yet, but I was recently interviewed by Jim Harold, “the paranormal podcast guy since 2005.” He specializes in airing true ghost stories. It’s perfect to listen to when housecleaning – even though the eerie stories make me jumpy! My interview with Jim Harold, however, is a brief, but in-depth discussion of my book, Understanding Cemetery Symbols.

Guest Post at Author Patricia Lynne’s : Grave Robbery in America 
My friend and fellow author, Patricia Lynne, invited me to write a guest post for her blog. Since she writes books about vampires, I wrote about the creepy-but-true topic of grave robbery in America, and why it was such a big concern throughout the 1800’s.

Rogue Talk Radio with Sheila Gay & Kelly Dewbre
The day that Understanding Cemetery Symbols launched, Rogue Talk Radio hosts, Sheila Gay and Kelly Dewbre, threw a book launch party for me on their two-hour podcast!

Haunt Jaunts Radio with Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch invited me to her paranormal travel show called Haunt Jaunts for a rip-roaring hour-long chat about our passion for historic graveyards and haunted travel. Courtney’s show is fast-paced and fun. We had a bunch of listeners in her chat room, too. The hour flew by and we had a blast!

The RIFT Radio Show with Howie Odell & Dawn Rogers
Hosts, Howie Odell & Dawn Rogers, interviewed me for The RIFT Radio show. We talked about so many things, including the 5 years that I lived on a little island with a population of 7 people.

Spooky Little Halloween with Miranda Enzor
Miranda Enzor of Spooky Little Halloween invited me to write a guest post for her haunted #TravelTuesday series. Like Zen Master Hughes, I got to meet her in person recently. She and I explored Houston’s National Museum of Funeral History together!

Miranda Enzor & Me at Houston's Funeral HIstory Museum
Miranda Enzor & Me at Houston’s Funeral HIstory Museum

15-minute YouTube Interview with Zen Master Hughes
On my recent cemetery research road trip, I met several of my newsletter subscribers in person, including Master Hughes. Besides being a noted Zen practitioner, he is also a filmmaker. He shared a 15-minute interview with me on his YouTube channel.

Laura Irrgang a.k.a. the Rhinestone Armadillo
Laura Irrgang gave me and my upcoming book a lovely shout out over on her blog, the Rhinestone Armadillo. (I love rhinestones, armadillos, and Laura!)

Blog Interview by Julie Reeser: Author Tui Snider
Julie’s a poet, so our interview veers into some thoughtful areas, such as why people travel and why a trip to historic graveyard can be such good fun for young and old.

Radio Interview: Bridging the Paranormal with Becky Vickers
I had a blast chatting about historic graveyards on KCOR Radio with host, Becky Vickers. The hour flew by, but she got me talking about how to identify different Saints and angels, grave robbing, and funny epitaphs.

Blog Interview with Deb Atwood on Pen in Her Hand
In this written interview, I share a scary event from my childhood that took place in a historic cemetery. Perhaps my fascination started then?

Dear Texas Radio Special Authors Marketing with Tui Snider
Click the link above to hear my interview on Dear Texas Radio. It was fun! (If you like it, please give it a thumbs up on YouTube.)

The ebook is already a #1 best seller!
It only took a few hours for the ebook version of Understanding Cemetery Symbols to climb the charts and hit #1 on Amazon as you can see from image on the left. Exciting, eh?

Interview: Tui Snider: New Book Release! – I was interviewed about Understanding Cemetery Symbols by fellow author, Donna B. McNicol. Click the link to read it!

Interview: Tui Snider – Featured Author on Lone Star Literary Life – I was thrilled to be the featured on Lone Star Literary Life recently! (I’m a big fan of their site. They’ve even got a map of the Top 10 Bookish Bookish Destinations in Texas. Talk about a fun road trip tool!)

Check out my 30-second book trailer:


What’s the book about?

Understanding Cemetery Symbols by Tui Snider
Understanding Cemetery Symbols by Tui Snider

Here’s the current blurb for my book Understanding Cemetery Symbols :

Graveyards don’t exist merely to shelter the dead. They also nurture the living. As strange as it sounds, America s garden cemeteries were our nation’s first public parks! People used to visit graveyards not just to mourn the dead, but to have a fun day in nature.

Yes, FUN!

More and more of America’s cemeteries are applying for arboretum status and being placed on the historical register. Many now offer tours, annual festivals and events which run the gamut from jazz picnics, birding, costumed reenactments, performances of Shakespeare, and more.

Along with this renewed appreciation for historic cemeteries, comes the realization that we have forgotten the meaning behind many of the symbols and acronyms our ancestors left on their headstones.

Tui Snider s book, Understanding Cemetery Symbols, describes the meaning behind the symbols and architecture found in the historic graveyards of America.

History buffs, genealogists, ghost hunters and other curiosity seekers will gain a deeper appreciation for and understanding of these messages from the dead with a copy of her book on their shelf, or better yet, in their hands, as they explore America’s open-air museums for themselves! (For more info, click here.)

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