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True Spooks 2013: True Ghost Stories

Picnic table skull (photo by Tui Snider)
Picnic table skull (photo by Tui Snider)

Welcome to the 2013 True Spooks blog carnival

No matter what you believe, ghost stories can be a lot of fun! Each year, I host a Blog Carnival with true ghost stories as its theme. If you’re still in the mood for more spooky tales after reading this batch, check out past years’ ghost stories at: True Spooks 2012 and True Spooks 2011, too.

Welcome to the October 25, 2013 edition of true spooks – share your ghost story:

Ajay presents Ajay Cheruthon’s Blog: The Ghost Tracks of San Antonio posted at Ajay Cheruthon’s Blog, saying, “Check out the mystery behind the Ghost tracks of San Antonio and what mysterious force pushes cars uphill.”

Patrick Keller presents Children who have spirit friends… posted at The Big Séance, saying, “This is one of several posts I’ve written as I read Andrea Perron’s anthology of the true events that the movie “The Conjuring” is based on, “House of Darkness House of Light”.”

Robin Bremer presents HAPPY Halloweenie- A different view of Halloween | Robin posted at Robin, saying, “Here is a different view of the Supernatural and Halloween”

Marcy Ebert presents Witch Confessions | Confessions of Witch Housewife posted at Confessions of Witch Housewife.

Patrick Keller presents Haunted Summer Reading Part One posted at News From The Spirit World, saying, “Part One of my guest post for News From The Spirit World. @BigSeance”

Ajay presents Ajay Cheruthon’s Blog: The British Columbia Feet Mystery posted at Ajay Cheruthon’s Blog, saying, “Check out the true story of human feet being brought ashore on the coasts of British Columbia.”

Patrick Keller presents Why do we assume? | The Big Séance posted at The Big Séance, saying, “Inspired by my students at my school, paranormal TV, and my experiences with EVP and paranormal investigation. Twitter is @BigSeance”

JeanNicole Rivers presents Homemade Hauntings: H. Annie Marshall (Violin Annie) | JeanNicole Rivers posted at JeanNicole Rivers.

Vadim Koystinen presents Spooky in style posted at BESTYLUS, saying, ““In Memory of the Late Mr. and Mrs. Comfort” is a photographic fable shot in 1995 for The New Yorker by uber photographic legend Richard Avedon.”

Patrick Keller presents My Rapper: Missing you, old friend | The Big Séance posted at The Big Séance, saying, “A look back at one of my more interesting paranormal research experiences. @BigSeance”

Vanessa Morgan presents On the set of a haunted house movie | Vanessa Morgan posted at Vanessa Morgan.

Patrick Keller presents Haunted Summer Reading Part Two posted at News From The Spirit World, saying, “Part Two of my guest post for News From The Spirit World. @BigSeance”

Robin Bremer presents Experiences in The Supernatural Video’s | Robin posted at Robin, saying, “Experience the supernatural. 1 1/2 Hours of videos of people telling about superantural experiences.”

Lily presents Psychics News | Tarot Blog | Connecting with the Afterlife – Should You Talk to the Dead? | Kooma Magazine posted at Kooma Psychic Blog ~ Kooma Psychics News ~ Kooma Tarot News ~ Kooma Tarot Readings ~ Kooma Psychic Readings, saying, “There comes a point in many people’s lives when they think about a deceased friend or relative. It may be that they wish they had told them certain things before they died, or are left with unanswered questions themselves.”

Robin Bremer presents What are Some Miraculous Signs, Miracles and Wonders From God? | Robin posted at Robin, saying, “Here are some of my supernatural experiences:

I am going to share some of my experiences with you that I have had in the supernatural, in order to show you that God is the same today as He was when He walked the earth. This is a relationship, a relationship has encounters, and I want to encourage you to expect to have supernatural encounters with God daily.”

Vanessa Morgan presents Abandoned haunted convent in the Netherlands posted at Vanessa Morgan.

Patrick Keller presents Flies and Hauntings: You Can’t Really Kill What’s Already Dead | The Big Séance posted at The Big Séance, saying, “Another article inspired by my reading of Andrea Perron’s “House of Darkness House of Light”, which is the true story and events that the movie “The Conjuring” is based off of. @BigSeance”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of true spooks – share your ghost story using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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  1. Wow, thats quite a list, will have to check out some of the links. Ghost stories can be fun and or full of thought. FYI, your blog seems to be loading super slowly today…generally not an issue so wondered if you had something new going on? Just thought Id mention it.

    Traveling Suitcase

  2. Donald Ray Donald Ray

    Kanaka Pete and Severed Feet
    I would like to share an experience I had in August 2013:
    I accompanied my son and a group of Scout age boys and couple of their parents on an overnight camp on Newcastle Island off the Coast of British Columbia. We had read how Newcastle Island is a hot spot for paranormal activity so we thought this would be a fun experience.

    One of the boys brought along an EMF ghost meter. One of the youth had seen a found footage movie that he believed to be true, about a group of college students filming a documentary about the paranormal happenings on Newcastle Island back in 2007.

    Apparently they were searching for the ghost of the notorious axe murderer, Kanaka Pete who was hung then buried in an unmarked grave on the far side of Newcastle Island near Kanaka Bay. The college students went missing that night, their video tape was later found and shortly afterwards severed feet in running shoes were discovered along the shoreline. This is all true as I had seen many news reports, including CNN, on this a few years ago.

    Nothing is better than a late night ghost story when camping. This was the perfect setting. A Paranormal Island, the unmarked grave of an axe murderer, the place of origin of severed feet in running shoes found along the shore over the past few years and a found footage video from the Island, it just does not get any better.

    We brought along a portable video player and we had downloaded a copy of that found video tape from ITunes called “Severed Footage” . At 11 pm we gathered around the campfire and watched the video. There was some pretty scary paranormal stuff happening in the video and we recognized many of the spots we had seen during the day.

    There is a big sign saying “No Camping Beyond this Point”. We were told that is as far as the spirits can travel from their tombs and it is not safe camping past those signs. Of course we all thought that was a big joke, but we did set up camp on the safe side of the signs anyway. The students in the video camped on the wrong side of the signs; bad things happened to them, much of it was seen with their night vision camera.

    After we watched the video some of the braver boys thought it would be a cool experience to go down to Kanaka Bay and search for the unmarked grave of Kanaka Pete with the ghost meter, just like the students in the video. The adults were less thrilled than the boys. We reluctantly gave in as the boys were all excited and trying to act brave, daring each other to go all the way to Kanaka Bay.

    When we left on the hike it was a nice warm evening but as soon as we went past the sign that said “No Camping Beyond this Point” a very cold chill hit us that we could feel right down the back our necks. Now all us brave souls became quiet and a little concerned. As we followed the path towards Kanaka Bay a wind came up and was making the most eerie noise through the trees.

    Then all of a sudden about 100 meters ahead of us appeared two glowing eyes staring right at us, we thought it to be a raccoon or deer’s eyes refection from our flashlights. We turned off the flashlights and the eyes were still there glowing as bright as ever. This was very unnerving, some suggest we turn back but other trying to act brave wanted to continue because the ghost meter had not gone off. As we got closer the eyes disappeared. When we got to the place where we thought we saw the eyes it was the place of the large tree with the supposed symbol of Kanaka Pete on it as seen in the video we had just watched. We were about half way to Kanaka Bay.

    As we were looking at the carved symbol on the tree the EMF ghost meter one of the boys was holding started to beep and flash, slowly at first. We all gathered around it watching in amazement. Then it started beeping faster and faster until it hit max reading.

    I do not know who screamed first but there was a ton off screaming as everyone ran back the way we came. After about 100 meters the ghost meter stopped and so did we. The wind was still quite strong, the air was icy cold and 10 boys and a few adults just had the (blank) scared out of them. Someone suggested that we try passing that point again real fast so we could get to Kanaka Bay. He was voted down by everyone so we headed back to camp.

    As soon as we passed the “No Camping” sign the wind stopped and the air was warm again. We all thought we could hear a low but audible eerie sound coming from where we had just been.

    We all sat around the campfire talking about what we had just experienced, no one wanted to go to bed or maybe we were too scared to go to bed so we sat around the campfire till daylight. Some said it was the most thrilling experience they had ever had while some said it was the most frightening. It is definitely one we will never forget.

    Camping ghost stories are supposed to be scary and fun…we never dreamed we would become part of one.

    • Tui Snider Tui Snider

      Thanks for adding another creepy tale to this year’s batch of true ghost stories, Donald. I’m from Washington State, but have never heard of this island or the legend that goes with it. I’ll definitely look into it. ~Tui

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