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Traveler’s Show & Tell – Flamenco Dresses & Floating Lights

Flamenco dresses in Malaga, Spain (photo by Tui Cameron)
Flamenco dresses in Malaga, Spain (photo by Tui Cameron)

Traveler’s Show & Tell – 18th Edition

Welcome to this week’s Traveler’s Show & Tell blog carnival. As usual, I have contributed a photo to accompany the best travel-related blog posts I received this week. If you enjoy what you read, please leave a comment on their blog to let the authors know.

This Week’s Photo

Colorful laundry fluttering from balconies is a common sight in Spain. Even so, I found these pretty little flamenco dresses especially delightful while strolling along the streets of Malaga.

1. Loy Kratong: Thailand’s Festival of Floating Lights

Thailand Breeze presents Loy Kratong Festival posted at Thailand Breeze.

Loy means to float and kratong means lantern or little vessel made in resemblance of a lotus flower. Loy kratong is the [Thai] festival where people float candle-lit lanterns in the water – mainly in rivers, canals, ponds and the sea on the full moon night of the 12th lunar month.

2. Austin,Texas | CiskoPicks

Cisko presents Austin,Texas | CiskoPicks posted at CiskoPicks.

To me Austin is a city with distinct personality, where people are encouraged to be themselves – hence the slogan: “Keep Austin weird”, that you’ll see pretty much everywhere. The people are unbelievably friendly, the outdoors are awesome and there is always something going on when it comes to entertainment.

3. Italian Birth Announcements

Rose presents Italian Birth Announcements Are An Creative Splendor posted at Fine Craft a post that’s travel, cultural, and a bit of a how-to all in one.

In a little village in Italy, everyone knows you’re having a baby. It’s still a communal affair with lots of gifts from neighbors. Check out these pictures. It’s fun to see how new life is publicly announced.

4.Westende – The Town from The Strangers Outside

Vanessa Morgan presents Westende – The Town from The Strangers Outside posted at Vanessa Morgan.

Westende is a quiet little town on the Belgian seaside, situated close to well-known cities such as Ostend and Bruges. It is also the town where my novella The Strangers Outside takes place. For those of you who are fan of the book, I thought I’d share a few pictures of this charming little town as well as of the holiday cabin that I describe in the story.

5. Not For The Faint Hearted: Kungsleden Trail, Lapland

Quiet Wanderings presents Not For The Faint Hearted: Kungsleden Trail, Lapland posted at Quiet Wanderings.

When I think Lapland, I think reindeer and northern lights. But there is so much more than that to be had in this wild and untouched landscape.

6. Danger in the Desert

Pamela presents a tongue-in-cheek account of family camping in Danger in the Desert posted at Blah, Blah, Blog.

Not to sound too much like the title of a Hardy Boys novel, but there’s no denying there is “Danger in the Desert.”

That’s it for this week’s blog carnival, Traveler’s Show & Tell. As always, if you enjoyed it, let us know in the comments section. Also, please let the author know you liked their piece by leaving a comment at their blog. See you next week! :)

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  1. Mineownmineown Mineownmineown

    So I can do this, too, with my travel photos on your blog? How does this work?

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Hi, nnSure, you can join in on the Traveler’s Show & Tell blog carnival. :) nnI have sent you information via email. You can also scroll down and read the end of the blog post, which has links to the blog carnival submission form. nnThanks again for stopping by. I look forward to seeing your submission to the blog carnival!n~Tui

  2. Thank you for the carnival. I love your shot of flamingo dresses.u00a0 Now I’m going to look at some of the others also. This is a new carnival for me …

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Thanks so much, Rose! I enjoyed your contribution to the carnival. Then again, I am a sucker for all things Italian. Hope to see you here again. ~Tui

  3. Pamelajorrick Pamelajorrick

    Thanks for putting this together. I’m grabbing my coffee and ready for some virtual travel this morning!nu00a0

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Hi Pamela, nnThanks for joining in on the Traveler’s Show & Tell. I think it goes well with coffee, too. Hope to see you here again, and thanks for stopping by!nn~Tui

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