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Tag: Traveler’s Show & Tell

Traveler’s Show & Tell – Plus, an Unexpected trip to Florida

My week: an unexpected trip A death on my husband’s side of the family caused me to spend this past week in Florida. I never met the woman who passed away, and yet, by the time the funeral and other ceremonies were over, she no longer felt like a stranger to me. Spending time with her mourning relatives, who were eager to share their memories, transmitted so much of her essence, that I felt as if we had met. (It was such a strong sensation that I actually had to remind myself that we had not.) It was beautiful to…

Traveler’s Show & Tell – 16th Edition

Familiar yet Foreign Hi all! I’m back from my 5 week honeymoon. I’ve been away so long that my house feels both familiar and foreign. Do you know that feeling? Blog Carnival Name Change As you can see, I have changed the name of this blog carnival from Saturday Show & Tell to Traveler’s Show & Tell. From now on, this blog carnival will focus on all aspects of travel, as the name suggests. Where is MY submission? Prior to my vacation, submissions to this blog carnival would kinda trickle in. I rarely got more than 5 or 6 in…

Saturday Show & Tell – 14th Edition

Welcome to this week’s Saturday Show & Tell This week’s blog carnival is actually being hosted by the talented Paul Puffer over at Don’t Be a Pickle Bump. Check it out! (As for me, by the time this publishes, I will be on my way to Venice!!!)