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Silent Sunday (sort of)

Looks like my blog ate yesterday’s post! All that’s left is this photo, but no text, and it wound up in my drafts folder instead of posting to my site. Come to think of it, this has happened a couple times before in years past. In future, I will double check after hitting publish to make sure that it actually did. Irritating!

Building, bird, moon. Photo by Tui Cameron
Building, bird, moon. Photo by Tui Cameron

In lieu of reconstructing yesterday’s post, which was written on the fly, I will simply end with the caption I have accompanying this photo on my Facebook page:

If this building were a cookie, I could just imagine its texture, and the way it would sound when I bit into it. It’d be lightly crunchy in a very dunkable way. I’d probably coat the lower 2 stories in chocolate, then dunk in a short Americano. I wouldn’t eat the moon or the seagull, of course. I mean, give me a break!

So I guess the title ‘Silent Sunday’ ended up being a little more silent than I originally intended!

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